Can Christmas Songs Kill You?

The chilly winter nights, reds and greens everywhere. Trees filled with decorations and houses set in colourful lights. The smell of cookies and good food all around. This is what Christmas feels like.

And with the added sound of the most loved and famous Christmas songs and carols, it is the cherry on the cake.


The moment we start hearing Christmas carols playing on the radio, restaurants, or on the street, the holiday spirits automatically enters our mind. And we know Jesus’ birthday is approaching in a fast pace.

Christmas songs are probably the most important part of Christmas celebration. It supposedly brings a lot of joy and a holiday spirit among us all.

But a recent study suggests otherwise. In a recent study, researchers have found that listening to too much Christmas songs and carols can lead to a disruptive mental health.

According to Linda Blair, a clinical psychologist “It might make us feel that we’re trapped – it’s a reminder that we have to buy presents, cater for people, and organize celebrations.”

beautiful christmas houses

Christmas songs reminds us of joyous times and festive moments where people get together with their families and loved ones. They eat good food, exchange gifts, and have a quality time.

Or it was just something we thought Christmas song would do.

In reality, Christmas carols and Christmas themed songs mentally drain you, especially the ones working in shops and malls.

They are constantly listening to the same tunes for weeks throughout the whole day, making them irritable and stressful about the holiday season.

On top of that, the added pressure of buying presents and getting the decorations up at the very last minute, oh the horror.


The people working on different stores and shops during the festivities who have to listen to the Christmas songs on repeat have to tune out the carols in order to concentrate on their work.  

If they don’t then it’s a sure thing that they’ll lose focus on the work, is what Blair had to say.

She said “You’re simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing,”

While Christmas songs can be mentally draining and stressful for some, it works just the opposite for others.


When the workers are tired, irritated, and agonized by all that “Jingle bell, jingle bell,” going on all day long for weeks, the customers that are in the stores shopping, get a different vibe from the holiday tunes.

The shoppers are likely to get in the joyous mood and buy more presents than usual.

Another Research Story.

Another study shows that listening to Christmas songs over and over again can lead to the “exposure effect,” according to the research conducted by Dr. Victoria Williamson.

Exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon where people develop a liking to things simply because they are familiar with them from constant exposure. 


 “There’s a U-shaped relationship between the amount of times we hear music that we like and our subsequent reaction to it”.

According to Williamson, even if we enjoy a particular song, listening to it on repeat makes us tired of it and takes away from the experience.

And this is something that happens with every song, not just Christmas music.

According to the research, the first few listens of the carol can actually put you into the holiday mood and bring about positive vibes.

However, listening to it on the repeat can trigger a negative response in the brain.

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