You can wear this underwear for weeks!

Organic Basic's isn't trying to avoid laundry though, not to worry but if you clean your underwear more often, the greater is the garment's impact on the environment.

Organic Basics is a new Danish startup company which has made a claim of making an underwear that will remain fresh through weeks.

How can an underwear get smelly?

When you wear the same underwear for a long period of time, your sweat meets your inner clothing. It becomes an area for bacteria manifestation and that actually produces a  foul smelling odor. This new startup creation can solve the problem of frequent washing.

How is this underwear being created?

Silver can act as an antimicrobial which helps to kill bacteria along with other microorganisms. People are making this underwear by treating it with Polygiene. Polygiene can be a product that uses silver chloride to control smell. According to Organic Basics, it can help prevent the growth of 99.9 percent of this kind of bacteria. This can be an instant solution for bad smelling underwears.

CEO of this company, Mads Fibiger has claimed to Business Insider Nordic in May that it works. She said, ” You can wear our underwear much longer before washing.”

Although Mads has claimed that it works but many people have still not agreed.

A reporter for the New York magazine had said that she noticed ” less -than- fresh scent” on the very second day. With the Organic Basics’s women’s brief, she didn’t feel comfortable for wearing that underwear for more than the third day, this did not deviate from the normal underwear changing routine.

Similarly, for males Organic Basics’s boxer briefs were launched but the male colleague of hers had to toss the boxer in the laundry after just 48 hours.

But looking at the psychological point of view as well, people were not willing to go through mental obstruction of wearing the same underwear for weeks. No matter how fresh the underwear has been kept, people are not exactly motivated to wear the underwear even just for a week.

R. Eric Thomas, a reporter of Elle wrote that reading about the undies made him want to bleach his eyes.

Mads told the Business Insider “The traditional way of buying, wearing, washing, and throwing away overpriced underwear is…extremely harmful to the environment.”

He is right though. Regular washing and drying of clothes can requires ton of energy and water. Organic Basic’s isn’t trying to avoid laundry though, not to worry but if you clean your underwear more often, the greater is the garment’s impact on the environment.

Despite of the environmental benefit of wearing one pair of underwear for weeks, even the extremely environmentally conscious people would not want to take the risk of wearing the same underwear if they don’t still smell good on the third day and beyond.

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