The Cast of Riverdale, Real Name Along with Age!

They are playing the role of a teenager but some of the cast have not been teenager for a super long time.

Riverdale is taking over television everywhere and people are falling in love with the cast. The cast of riverdale are still found to be young. Nevertheless, they are not nearly as young as the characters they are paying homage to of the comic books.


The cast has busy lives between tracking down a serial killer who calls himself the Black Hood, basically solving all the crime going on in the twisted town, enjoying a milkshake at Pop’s and taking part in extracurricular activities. So no, they don’t live like typical teenagers, like at all.

They are playing the role of a teenager but some of the cast have not been teenager for a super long time. But the fact that they can pass out as teens is part of the magic of television and you know, just the actors being genetically blessed, beautiful specimens.

Let’s talk about the real age of actors who have taken the hearts of many youngsters. We have become delusional into thinking the older boys or girls can be our high school sweethearts, heart break alert!

Archie Andrews vs. KJ Apa

In the show, our redhead with a heart of gold is a sophomore at Riverdale High and since he hasn’t had a birthday yet on the show, he’s around 15 years old. IRL, KJ is 20 years old.

Betty Cooper vs. Lili Reinhart

Betty, like Archie and the rest of their squad is a sophomore in high school, making her 15 or 16 years old. Lili on the other is actually 21 years old.

Jughead Jones vs. Cole Sprouse

Our dear Juggy is 16 years old while Cole, on the other hand, is 25 years old, having graduated from college after having two successful TV series on Disney Channel. Casual.

Veronica Lodge vs. Camila Mendes

Veronica lived a wild life when she was in New York City for someone who is so young. Camila is 23 years old though IRL, so quite a bit older than her sophomore alter ego.

Josie McCoy vs. Ashleigh Murray

it’s crazy to believe but Ashleigh is 30 years old IRL, and she literally looks like a teenager! So it makes perfect sense she’s playing someone who is 15 years younger than she actually is. Seriously wouldn’t have any clue!

Cheryl Blossom vs. Madelaine Petsch

Cheryl’s age has been a bit of a mystery since she and her late brother Jason were twins and Jason was older than Archie, Betty and the crew, so she’s around 17 years old we would say. Madelaine though is actually 23 years old.

Kevin Keller vs. Casey Cott

Kevin is a sophomore like his pals while Casey comes in at 25 years old IRL.

Reggie Mantle vs. Charles Melton

Charles is 27 years old, making him more than 10 years old than his character, Reggie. That jawline didn’t come overnight, that’s for sure.

Toni Topaz vs. Vanessa Morgan

Toni, a Serpent like Jughead, is also a sophomore to our knowledge, while Vanessa is actually 25 years old.

Valerie Brown vs. Hayley Law

A member of The Pussycats, Val is believed to be a sophomore but IRL, Hayley comes in at 25 years old.


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