Celebrities and their doppelgangers throughout history

Fallon is a famous late-night show host whereas Cayan is a communist revolutionary. Aside from their faces being alike, there isn't much in common between them

Here are a list of some Dopplegangers of some famous celebrities found in history:

Queen Latifah and Zora Neale Hurston

Dana Elaine Owens is a singer and an actress who is well known for her the stage name Queen Latifah. However, contrast to that, Zora Naele Hurston was an powerful author who is known for portraying racial struggles found in the early 20th century American South.

Queen Latifah is known for her contributions in rap music. Her debut album was an immense hit with over 1 million copies being sold. Th Queen won her first Grammy awards with the single “U.N.I.T.Y.”. She is also praised for her acting especially for her performance in 2002’s musical “Chicago”.

But Zora Neale Hurston had interest in African-American and Caribean folklore since childhood days. Later on in life, her many works were based on that concept. many fictional stories were written by her portraying the issues in the black community. Her contribution resulted in her becoming a central figure of the Harlem Renaissance.

Charlie Sheen and John Brown

This is the comparison between famous celebrity Charlie Sheen and the American abolitionist John Brown. Both of this big figures share the same shape on their jawline and even their eyebrows look like they came from the same person.

Charlie Irwin Estevez is popularly known as Charlie Sheen and he is an American actor and comedian who is well known for his work in television and in cinema. He has featured in a number of films which includes Wall Street, Young Guns, Major League, Eight Men Out and The Three Musketeers. He is best role is as one of the main characters of Two and a Half Men, he was the highest paid actor on television.

But John Brown was an American who advocated against slavery in the 1800’s. He was an exceptional abolitionist and although many groups did exist at the time, John Brown was set apart from the rest as he had advocacy for violence, rather than pacifism.

His anti-slavery movement gave him much support and he turned into a militia force that fought pro-slavery people. Although his slave liberation activities were successful, he was captured by the US government. He was tried for treason where they found him to be guilty and hanged him.

Jimmy Fallon and Mahir Cayan

Fallon is a famous late-night show host whereas Cayan is a communist revolutionary. Aside from their faces being alike, there isn’t much in common between them. Mahir Cayan from a side view looks exactly like Jimmy Fallon with a thick mustache.

James Thomas Fallon, well known to us as Jimmy Fallon, is an American comedian, host, writer, singer and television actor. He is well known as the host of The Tonight Show. Aside from the fact of being a TV host, he has also starred in numerous films including Taxi and Fever Pitch.

Mahir Cayan however is a Turkish communist revolutionary. He died young fighting for his beliefs and desires to bring about revolution. He led a group of people against the oppressive Turkish government until his demise in 1971.

Ellen DeGeneres and Henry David Thoreau

This comparison may seem a bit weird as they’re of different genders, but the resemblance is uncanny. The dopplegangers share very soulful, bright eyes which can make you wonder for a while if they are related. Ellen DeGeneres is a famous American celebrity known for her sharp wit and sense of humor. Aside from that, she is an actor along with being a humanitarian. She is an animal rights activist and a vegan as well.

Henry David Thoreau is an author with his famous book Walden. He is also a poet and a historian best known. He made his mark as an abolitionist who fought for slave rights which is known transcendentalist.

Paul Giamatti and William Shakespeare

These two celebrities are divided by four centuries worth of time. But honestly, they could look like twin brothers. The similarities don’t just stop with their looks as both worked in the department of entertainment and in theater.

Paul Giamatti is an experienced actor and comedian. He is well known for his leading roles in American Splendor and Sideways. He rose to fame in 1997 with his notable role as Kenny Rushton in Private Parts. He had other numerous acclaims which included an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award and an Actor’s Guild Award.

English literature is unspoken without mentioning William Shakespeare. He is an English poet, actor, and playwright. He is regarded as the greatest writer of all time in England, if not considering the world as well. His famous masterpiece include works King Lear, Hamlet and Macbeth which continue to influence us even after centuries of his death.

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