Top 10 Cities For Students In The World

Based on the factors such as the number of top universities in the city, numbers of local job opportunities, quality of life and diverse culture, the QS higher education data analyst have taken out the list of top cities in the world for students to live in.

The top of the list is London, ranked as the top city for living for students in 2018. The

1. London, United Kingdom

Despite being one of the expensive cities for students to live in, London is on top in the because of its concentrated top class universities. London is also popular because of the rich culture along with professional and social opportunities. Previously, London was third in the list.


2. Tokyo, Japan

The capital of Japan has improved significantly in the list with 13 internationally ranked universities. It is ranked highly by graduate employers while it scores high for the desirability regarding standards of living.

The city is one of the three leading financial epicentres in the world, it provides professional and internship opportunities. This enormous city provides one of the most varied and cosmopolitan environments on earth.


3. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne scores high for student mix and desirability depicting quality life in the city. Melbourne in general tops this list because of the appealing Australian lifestyle. The affordability is a bit of concern in this city with high living costs.

The city, however, rich in natural resources with high standards of living makes Melbourne a tough city to beat.


4. Montreal, Canada

Montreal has several high ranked universities in Canada along with its rich arts and culture. This has shaped the friendliness and diversity in the city. The city is also famous for its laid-back lifestyle with the attractive boulevard and interesting cultural shows.


5. Paris, France

Paris stands in the top 5 for the concentration of renowned universities in the city. It also has the 18 recognized universities of the world which is the highest number along with London and Seoul.

The high living expenditure and quality life are balanced by lower tuition costs, however, the student expenses may rise if you are an haute culture fan.


6. Munich, Germany

Munich might just be another heaven for undergraduate students since there are no tuition fee charges regardless of nationality while the city scores second in terms of affordability. Moreover, the Bavarian culture also makes the place worth.


7. Berlin, Germany

Even if it is not the hub for world-class universities, the capital city is infamous for its affordability and liberal atmosphere. The city has a lot to offer to students from varying background and interests. There are three listed universities in the region.


8. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is the largest and wealthiest city in Europe bringing in a lot of pros and cons to students. Even if Zurich has been listed as one of the most livable cities in the world with its immaculate management, the living expenses are painstakingly high.

The city makes to this list because the University of Zurich is classified to be the best university in Europe me and the overall cost of studying in Zurich is considerably lower with relatively low international tuition fees.


9. Sydney, Australia

Sydney comes right after Melbourne for student mix indicator meaning there are diversity and inclusive student community. Even if the city scores low in terms of affordability, the combination of education and lifestyle gets it to the best cities for students list.

It is also considered to be one of the most livable cities in the world. Meanwhile, the Sydney harbour and large selection of green spaces in the city makes it worth the stay.


10. Seoul, South Korea

The capital of South Korea has higher scores in terms of the determined indicators. There are 18 universities in Seoul which are featured in world rankings. The city is never dull with activities 24/7, the city is lively at 3am as if it were 5pm.

The city so rich in culture, history and creativity could never be boring. As a student, if you want to take a break and know your inner Zen, there are many Buddhist inspired temples, saunas and spas where you can release your stress.



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