Club in Kathmandu Vandalized Because Marshmello didn’t Show Up

The venue being vandalized is nothing new when international artists don’t show up. Another disgraceful event of a club being vandalized occurred late last night in the capital city of Nepal. DJ Marshmello became one of the fastest rising dance producers in history, with fanbase in millions and amassing over 2 billion streams plus over 300 consecutive sold out shows worldwide. His performance was scheduled last night at Club Deja Vu, the city’s best nightclub and lounge.

As per one of the audience, “The host repeatedly announced that Marshmello is on his way but was no where to be seen. People lined up and stood in the crowd from 8PM enthusiastically. Rarely, people have this chance of seeing their favorite international artist make their way to Nepal. At around 3PM, the host announced that Marshmello won’t be able to make it tonight. The crowd went berserk and chaos ensued”

The real reason behind the violence was not that Marshmello wasn’t there, but because the organizers chose to withheld the information and keep the crowd waiting with exhaustion.

Here’s a video from last night

Crazy as it may sound but it was not Deja Vu’s fault that Marshmello did not show up. The organizers needed to find a way to make sure people understand and could have handled it better by providing refunds and apologizing. Instead they chose to keep the party rolling without the right updates. This infuriated a lot of youngsters which then took things in their hands, literally!

Few people got injured too from the shards of scattered glass and things being thrown around.

Marshmello’s Apology Tweet

People have begun expressing their views and disgust on social media platform, some supporting it, some bashing the incident.

Violence is never the answer. More civil behavior was expected from the Nepalese crowd as they are critically known to be one of the coolest nationalities.

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