20 Coachella Memes You’ll Relate To If You’re Not Attending

Ever since it was announced that Beyoncé is headlining this year’s Coachella, everyone (me) has lost their minds. But the sad thing is not everyone (me) has tickets to the show and it is miles away for some people (again, me).

So if you are one of us who won’t be screaming their lungs out all throughout the show and super salty about it, here are 20 Coachella Memes you’ll totally relate to.

 1. When you wish to go but…


2. When you can’t afford to buy the tickets.


3. Pst, Coachella isn’t that special anyway (sobbing internally).

4. The struggle of broke college students.

5. Another one.

6. Every brokea** makeup freak.

7. What actually happens.

8. Because Beyonce 

9. Coachella? Nah I’m going to Goatchella instead.

10. When your Instagram filled with the updates and you just can’t.

11. Some people.

12. Can you not?

13. Another one.

14. When you can go to any height for some tickets.

15. And I mean any height.

16. We’ve had enough of this already, please.

17. Seriously stop.


19. It’s not like we’ve never done it, am I right?

20. Why do I have to be so poor?

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