10 Crazy Things Done By World Cup Fans

As World Cup approaches, football fanatics around the world portray limitless craze over their favourite teams.

Here is a collection of the things done by crazy fans all over the world representing their favorite team.

  1. 1 Crazy Car


    This Volkswagen car has 15,000 Panini stickers. The car is owned by Henrique Pedrotti, and his friends pasted the stickers without letting him know.

  2. 2 Paint the house green


    Joynal Abedin alias Tutul from Bangladesh is crazy about Brazil going to the finals. For the love of his team, he painted his sixth house in the colours of the flag of Brazil. 

    In the meantime, these have become viral all over the nation which is majorly divided into Argentina and Brazil fans for this World Cup.

  3. 3 This fan does not need body paint


    This die-hard fan of England has his back tattooed. There is not much explanation needed on this, is it?

  4. 4 People did not leave animals alone


    World Cup fans around the world are not satisfied with their commitment alone. They dress their pets too. Nevertheless, it is too cute to be true.

  5. 5 Body paint and nothing!


    People have nothing on their body but just paint to flaunt! So much craze?

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