Struggles Every Curly Haired Person Can Relate To

Having curly hair is indeed a blessing. Being a curly haired person myself, I feel glad. However, there are instances when this blessing seems desperately complicated to deal with.

People who do not have curly hair find curls fascinating. Most people show appreciation along with questions when it comes to curly hair.

I know that many people, regardless of their gender, with curly hair come across a lot of content regarding the struggles of having curly hair.

1. The Struggle During Sleep

No matter how much you are careful to protect your curls while sleeping, the difficulty never ends. Be it using a silk-material pillowcase or keeping a high bun, you just cannot have the same perfect curls you had before sleeping.

And if you just sleep with your hair loose, your morning hair is no less than a lion’s mane.


2. The Beanie Terror

When we wear hats or beanies the parts of hair covered to take the shape of the hat or cap while the rest of the hair is in perfect curls. The view is very irritating.


3. Everything Gets Stuck

Everything that comes in contacts with the hair gets stuck. I mean everything, from your fingers to hair bands and combs!


4. Losing Bobby Pins

I think people with thicker curly hair can relate to this the most. There have been times that I figured out bobby pin was inside my hair when I went to take a shower.


5. The Inevitable Question

“Is your hair natural?”, “are you sure your hair is natural?”

Duh-uh! Yes, my hair is natural.


6. When Curls Are Gone

Once your curls are gone for instance, after making a bun, the only way to get it back is to get your hair wet again. The scene is not very pleasant as your seems like it is going to form dreadlocks. So, either spray your hair with water or just take a bath.


7. The Partition Problem

Once you take a shower and make a partition, it cannot be changed until your next shampoo. And when you try to turn the side of the partition, the look is utterly unappealing.


8. Brushing or Combing

Brushing your hair makes it puffy and all over the place since each curly hair strand flies in freedom. The reason we never brush our hair. And don’t have me start about using a comb on a regular basis. There have been times that I have broke combs.


9. All Haircut Is The Same

This is where the straight hair actually wins the curls because you get to show off your haircut. For us, people with curls, they just roll up and make no difference most of the times.


10. They Take Forever To Gain The Length

Once you chop off your hair, you are aware that it might take almost a year or so to at least spot a distinguished difference in your hair length.


11. Flying With The Wind

I mean we get jealous of people with silky or straight hair when the wind blows on the face. Just compare the pictures bruh!


12. Detangling Hair

Detangling your hair is so painful at times.


13. Hair Straightening Process

You are so excited to straighten your hair and by the time you are halfway through, you wish you did not start it at all.


14. The Blow Dryer Monster

First, when you take a bath, it takes a really long time to dry your hair. Worse, you create a monster when you blow dry your hair as a shortcut.


Regardless of these struggles, we own and love our curls.

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