Do Animals Seek For Revenge?

Here are some animals that are seen to hold grudges and take revenge

Seeking Revenge is a very strong human concept which manifests into something substandard. This “grudge like behavior” is quite common in humans but is it common in animals as well?

The behavior might be seen in some animals, most notably in cows, elephants and crows. Chimps are also quite notorious but since they are closely related to humans, let’s not lead them off here.

If researches and studies were to be believed, to a certain extent, yes animals do slightly have the feeling of harming or doing something wrong to those who do them dirty. But, it’s not like they sit down and elaborately plan to ruin their life.

Especially it is the crows that are quite notorious for holding grudges and taunting. They are also capable of remembering the faces of the humans who have struck them.

But having said thiat, there is no scientific proof that establishes the fact that animals are capable of revenge but there are several instances that prove they do.

Here are some of instances where animals have actually upped their games in the revenge taking department.

  1. 1 Elephant Takes Revenge for a Lost Friend


    In 2013, somewhere around Eastern India, a train struck and killed an elephant. The loss of the elephant caused a case of despair for other fellow elephants which resulted in their outrage.

    The herd of 15 elephants appeared at the scene where their friend had died. This went on for several days. As an outburst, the angered herd of elephants charged towards the village nearby destroying many homes and demolishing parts of a school.   

  2. 2 The Fox That Shot the Hunter


    In the farming region of north western Belarus, 2011, a hunter had shot a fox from a distance. When the hunter, approached the fox for the last shot, the wounded fox resisted fiercely. 

    In the tussle between the two, surprising the fox was able to pin down the hunter and combat. Surprisingly, the raged fox was able to shoot the hunter by pulling the trigger in the hunter’s gun with his paw. 

  3. 3 Infuriated Chimpanzees


    In 2012, there was a six month long war in eastern Congo. This forced the chimpanzees to leave their enclave. 

    The poor chimpanzees were so alienated that they started seeing humans as threat. This resulted in those chimpanzees to attack the villagers, killing and injuring many villagers.

  4. 4 The Dog’s Revenge


    One day in Chongqing China, a dog was just chilling and lazing around in his spot when a car suddenly came and kicked the dog off his spot. This exasperated the dog which led him, along with his other companions, to come and chew off the fenders and the wipers of the car. 

  5. 5 The Tiger’s Hostility


    In 2007, when three men decided to spend their day taunting the tiger, they had no idea what was coming ahead of them. After the men were done tormenting the tiger, the only thing left was the tiger’s grudge. 

    After the men walked away, the tiger escaped from her pen and went on to hunt those men. The tiger sought out those particular men, ignoring other bystanders and killing one of them and mauling the other two. 


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