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Do You Want To Live Longer? Then Start Smelling Your Partner’s Fart.

What can love do to someone? Yes, it will fill your heart with happiness and gives you pleasure. But what if I tell you it’ll give you a longer life if you smell your partner’s fart every once a while.


You heard that right. Smelling your partner’s farts help you live longer. A research conducted by the University of Exeter reveals that smelling your partner’s fart will help you live longer. It is possible due to the presence of gas called “Hydrogen Sulfide” in human fart.


You might be wondering how is it even possible and how does it work? The gases present in a human fart help battle life threatening illness such as strokes, cancer, and heart attack. Apart from that, it also help prevent arthritis and dementia in the old age.

So the next time your partner farts in front of you, don’t close your nose and yell at them for passing the gas, instead start smelling them and live longer. It will make you both comfortable and you will live happily ever after.


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