The Dumbest and Dangerous Internet Challenges

The dumbest and most dangerous challenges have started taking the internet by storm. And every day there is some new craze going around the internet.

Some people desperately crave for attention and are ready to do anything to get it. People don’t even think twice before accomplishing such challenges.

With Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, these dumbest challenges trend globally and people try and post their videos in these social sites.

dumbest internet challenges

These challenges are not only stupid, but with these challenges people are left with scars for the rest of their life.

Hundreds of people have been hospitalized or seriously injured as a result of their idiotic attempts to replicate some flash – in – the – pan trending fad.

Rarely these challenges are stopped by the social sites, but as these internet dare go viral, it’s common that people hurt themselves.

dumbest internet challenges

In case you have forgotten them, here is a list of the dumbest and the most dangerous internet challenges ever attempted.

The Tide Pod Challenge

dumbest internet challenges

This challenge requires individuals to eat tide pods. To complete this, people are eating plastic packets of laundry detergent to validate their online street cred.

It is a really bad idea since the detergent contains a significant amount of bleach and other harmful chemicals.

Soon children’s started ingesting detergent in the form of capsules. This craze has been held responsible for a high number of poisonings in the United States.

dumbest internet challenges

This pods are to be used for laundry purpose. And to complete this dumbest dare, many people poisoned themselves with Tide pods.

Eating this tide pod can cause diarrhea, vomiting and breathing difficulties and in worst case, they can even lead to death.

In My Feelings Challenge

dumbest internet challenges

This challenge requires the person to dance than simply standing still while “Black Beatles” plays in the background.

In just few weeks, more than 400000 posts have populated the #InMyFeelingsChallenge hashtag on Instagram.

The challenge has gone so viral that people are coming out of their moving car and dancing along with the song.

dumbest internet challenges

Due of this, there has been severe accidents and some people even died. Recently, an 18 – year old teenage girl got cracks on her brain due to this challenge.

This “In My Feelings” dare has caused more than hurt feelings.

Zoom Challenge

dangerous internet challenges

This is the latest challenge this year to go viral in which a lot of people thought was quirky and interesting while others thought it was pretty dangerous.

This dumbest challenge requires kids to dance to a hip hop song seated before being violently pulled out of the screen with their legs being pulled.

dangerous internet challenges

It is based on the song Mickey by Lil Yachty. It looks relatively safe to do it, however the speed of the pull is what makes it dangerous.

Due of this viral internet experiment, a lot of kids are hitting their heads on to a hard surface resulting in a serious injury.

Neymar Challenge

Neymar is the most imitated football player and there came a challenge in his name and it soon became a trend.

dumbest internet challenges

This dare requires people to suddenly fall to the ground and roll as soon as the name Neymar is called out.

This came up as Neymar fell on the ground with a roll around soon during one of his match in the World Cup 2018.

This internet dare is stupid, yet funny.

Hot Coil Challenge

It requires people to put their hands on the hot cooker ring. Many people are taking part in this warning not to try this at home.

In this experiment, it involves individual pressing their bare skin on the red hot coils of their stovetops for as long as they can.

dangerous internet challenges

Many people burned their hands so as to complete this task. They are so into this dare that they would mind to scream loudly but won’t remove their hand.

No wonder it is one of the most dumbest and dangerous internet dare to do.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

dangerous internet challenges

You should not try this dare despite no matter how you feel about the Jenner/ Kardashian family.

To complete this dare, people are sucking into a shot glass for several seconds to temporarily increase the size of their lips.

dangerous internet challenges

As a result, they are damaging their lips and skin. It bruises and causes a spilt on their lips so badly that it is so weird and hurt to look at those who completed this.

The pain, swelling and risk of permanent scarring associated with this internet dare makes it the dumbest and dangerous one.

The Condom Challenge

dumbest internet challenges

Dropping a condom full of water on your friend’s head is not a good idea or prank to do as it is a good way to murder someone.

It is so because it doesn’t typically break on impact, or bounce off, but spreads over your head like a bubble.

dumbest internet challenges

Once stuck in the head and mouth, it can be slippery and difficult to remove as they now have latex in it.

Also snorting condoms can easily block your airway or cause you to choke. And surely you wouldn’t wish to be that person who died because of a condom.

It’s mildly interesting to see being done the first time, but there is really no point to it after that.

The Duct Tape Challenge

dangerous internet challenges

We have seen that people wrap their friend’s gifts in duct tape and watch their recipient struggle to open them.

This dare requires the participant to be wrapped from head to toe in duct tape to see how long it will take them to break free.

dangerous internet challenges

On doing this experiment, if they fall, not having access to their arms to prevent their fall can lead to broken bones or a concussion.

In case they are sitting down, being tapped; this could still lead to panic attacks associated with anxiety or claustrophobia.

Such viral videos are the dumbest and most dangerous internet dare to do.

The Salt and Ice Challenge

dangerous internet challenges

This dare requires the person to hold a piece of ice on a portion of their body covered in salt.

Thousands people decided to subject their body to the dramatic reaction by pouring salt on their flesh and pressing ice against it.

dangerous internet challenges

This weird combination of salt and ice causes a burning sensation and people compete to see how long they can withstand the pain.

Doing this stupid dare won’t get you recognition for anything other than not knowing how science works.

The Pass – Out Challenge

This dare involves people temporarily cutting off the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and experiencing a moment of light – headedness.

dangerous internet challenges

Intentionally cutting off your own oxygen supply is just as dangerous and it sounds and as a result this game has taken a lot of young lives.

Physical signs also include bloodshot eyes, complaints of headaches and marks around the neck.

This is not a hot teen trend, instead it is one of the dumbest and dangerous dare to complete it.

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