Earth’s Resources Are Being Used Faster Than They Should

Humans used up resources so fast that a year worth of resources was used in just a couple month.

Earth’s resources are being used up so fast that a year worth of resources was used in just a couple month.

According to the recent article by Independent, in 2018, the speed at which the resources are used is increasing at a rapid pace.

Allegedly, this year’s annual date when a year worth of resources is used comes two days before last year’s date which is August 1st.

earth's resources being used faster than before

The rapid use of resources has led to various consequences, such as melting glaciers, landslides, loss of habitat, soil erosions, wildfires, hurricanes, climate change and so on.

Natural resources used in a rapid pace
Soil Erosion
resources used up faster than last year
Earth's resources used faster than last before
Melting glaciers

Mathis Wackernagel, head of the organisation, said: “Fires are raging in the western United States; on the other side of the world, residents in Cape Town have had to slash water consumption in half since 2015. These are consequences of busting the ecological budget of our one and only planet.”

earth's resources are being used faster than last year


“Our economies are running a Ponzi scheme with our planet. We are using the Earth’s future resources to operate in the present and digging ourselves deeper into ecological debt”.”

“It’s time to end this ecological Ponzi scheme and leverage our creativity and ingenuity to create a prosperous future free of fossil fuels and planetary destruction.”

However, there is some suggested measure that can help fade the ecological footprint.

It includes the reduction of half of the driving in the world. Instead, replacing private rides with public transport, walking, and biking.

Another would be cutting down meat consumption. It takes 14 times as much land to produce a ton of cow’s meat (beef)  as to produce a ton of grain, while pig’s meat (Pork) takes 1.9 times as much. Global livestock is responsible for at least 9 percent of all man-made carbon

resources are being used faster than they should be

Finally, controlling the human population. According to studies the 3rd of a land has tremendously degraded.

However, China stands to be the country with the largest total impact on the planet, with a decrease of the ecological footprint by 0.8 percent from 2013 to 2014.

With human the increase in demand for various products, resources are being used faster than the environment can provide us.

Every year, resources are being used more than they should and it isn’t long before the need to fulfill immediate demand backfires

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