East End London: Paintings finally get recognition

In 1983, Doreen Fletcher a passionate artist of East End London started painting scenes of her area. She was positive about her artistic skills and views but as she did not get recognition even till late of 2004 she became extremely demotivated and gave up the idea of painting.

Thankfully, in 2015 a London blogger named ‘A Gentle Blogger’ helped her bring her paintings to public attention. An exhibition is being held at Nunnery Gallery to display her work which features atmospheric scenes of parks and streets.

Here are some of her paintings and the description that she has given about it:

Whit Sunday, Commercial Road, east London, 1989

This picture gives a positive and optimistic view about how the commercial road should look like, in actually it signified a dirty, dusty and polluted road during the time before the underpass linking The Highway to the docklands was constructed.

Corner Shop, Canning Town, East London, 1994

During one Saturday afternoon, the artist explored through Canning Town which was located on the other side of River Lea. It was in June of 1991 that she made this exploration and she followed a black-and-white collie down a street. The street had been cleared and it was waiting to be redeveloped again. She lost the view of the dog as she was chasing it and she came to a conclusion that it disappeared into the newsagent’s open door.

This image had stayed in her mind for a long time. She returned to newsagent’s place in autumn to buy some sweets. However, the place was already boarded up and neither she could find the dog nor finish the interior sketches of the building.

The Pubali Cafe, Commercial Road, Limehouse, East London, 1996

The artist felt fascination while visiting this cafe. It was always opened but no one really visited. A small thin was viewed behind the counter, standing motionless or he was found eating a plate of curry at a table.
Fletcher could not control her curiosity and decided to visit the cafe once with her husband. They ordered coffee but according to the writer it was the worst coffee she had ever tasted.

Salmon Lane in the rain, Bow, East London, 1987

The artist was of the opinion that it used to rain a lot during the 80’s. She used to go to a Lane named Salmon Lane for most days. Along the way she could see a post office, a butcher, a dry cleaner along with a pub and two Chinese restaurants, among which one was world famous.

Launderette, Ben Jonson Road, Bow, East London, 1983

Before the artist bought a washing machine, she used to make a fortnightly trek to the launderette in Salmon Lake. Two ladies were seen working there. It was before 1990’s and she used to notice the air being blue with the mixture of cigarette smoke and steam from the machines. The ladies were involve din frequent chit-chats as well.
For years the writer wanted to make this painting but it had someone lost it’s atmosphere. There was a ‘No smoking’ sign installed and the ladies seem to have retired from their smoking habit. But on her journey on a Sunday morning foray to Ben Jonson Road, she noticed a couple of legs sticking out from the shop and she felt like she finally found her subject.

Bus Stop, Mile End , East London, 1983

On May of 1983, she first visited the Mile End. She was lured by the building behind the bus stop. The building sure looked like it was going to be demolished soon and she wanted to capture the buildings view before the bulldozers arrived.
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