Elon Musk just can’t stop being Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, just cannot stop being himself. The man behind pioneering electronic vehicles, sustainable solar energy, and innovation in space crafts, recently launched the ‘flamethrowers,’ a new fire throwing a gun from his newly tunneled the Boring Company. The flamethrowers sell at a reasonable price of  $500 along with an exclusively expensive fire extinguisher priced at $30. Musk explains it to be an essential innovation to beat the zombie apocalypse which was mentioned in his recent tweets.

The idea of flamethrowers came out as a joke when Musk mentioned to launch it if The Boring Company successfully sold 20,000 of its Boring Hats. And to the world’s surprise, it came true! Being a fan of the movie Spaceballs and its parody character of Yoda from Star Wars named as Yogurt, Elon Musk initiated the flamethrowers which were one of the Spaceballs-themed merchandise in the movie. Moreover, as much as these flamethrowers pose a danger, Musk believes it to be a fun game!

On 27 January, Musk tweeted this:


Until recently he replied to his original tweet that the orders hit 7,000.


So there are only 13,000 flamethrowers left to be ordered. Well for an engineer, inventor, business magnate and an entrepreneur, we are to expect a lot more than electric automobiles and space crafts. And you know what is coming next after the flamethrowers are sold out? The Boring Company Freezeguns!!

Musk sure knows how to revolutionize innovation and have some fun too!


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