Emerging LGBT Founders And Entrepreneurs In The World

In the technology industry, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. has been one of the top personalities in the business arena from LGBT community. Similarly, Chris Hughes, who was a co-founder of Facebook and now publisher and editor of the Times magazine has also been an inspiration for people of these communities to come forward with their idea and live their dreams. Moreover, the founder of PayPal, Peter Theil is encouraging LGBT people to believe in themselves and make a difference in society. We have a list of LGBT entrepreneurs and ventures who are doing fantastic from ice cream industry to technology.


Motaword is a cloud-based collaborative business translation platform co-founded by Oytun Tez who is also the CTO of the company. The company was established in 2014 and serves to large corporations with translation services globally.



Pundit is run by Billy Shaw Susanto who is the founder and CEO of the company which allows easily creating, sharing and responding to stories using voice. It is a micro-podcasting platform for social and mobile applications. The app is available in the App Store.


Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff established the company in 2009 with an ice cream truck which is now already listed in the USA Today List of Best Ice Cream Parlors in the world. They have both trucks and brick-and-mortar presence with innovative flavours added to their ice-creams. Gap partnered with the company in 2015 for the Gay Pride.



In 2009, Natasha Case and Freya Estreller established the ice-cream venture inspired by their mutual interest in architecture and love for gourmet ice-cream. The names of the ice-creams are influenced by architecture and architecture inspired movements. The company serves more than 6000 stores in the USA including Whole Foods and Safeway.


Red Oxygen

The company was established in 2001, and Tom Sheahan is the CEO of the company. Red Oxygen is Australian based company which is now one of the leading developers and distributors of integrated email, SMS and desktop messaging software.



Colleen O’ Toole is the CEO of CartoFront which is a data aggregation and visualisation software delivering actionable outcomes to the users. It unlocks and filters large pool of data giving an interactive and simple picture of the market value of the specific geographical region. The company serves for the financial industry, healthcare and education and so on.



Adam Berlinsky-Schine is the CTO of Nommery which is a social dining network that gathers like-minded people for shared meals in great restaurants. The founding team has expertise in social dining networks, the restaurant industry and also building algorithms to match members for dining companion. The experts in the field have added credibility to the success of this organisation.



Vyrill is a video-centric product marketplace that emphasises on converting views of product video into actual product sales. Dr Barbara Rosario is the co-founder and CTO of the company. Videos create an emotional attachment and awareness of products that play a huge role in converting digital reach to actual sales.


Citus Health

Melissa Kozak is the co-founder and CEO of Citus Health which is bringing breakthrough technology for home health care. The company aims at providing reliable, convenient and user-friendly medical technology.



Peche Di is the founder and CEO of Teadate, a transgender dating app which functions just like Tinder. It is a matchmaking application connecting hearts and people alike.



These are some emerging companies led by LGBT entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial environment is dramatically improving in these communities with more organisations and regulations established in their favour.

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