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Is the European election being swayed by Russia?

EU officials have considered Russia to be prime suspect and they have said that for Kremlin, for years now has been using wrong information to create confusion all over England

EU officials have been saying that Russia has created propaganda and meddled with the outcome of this week’s European Parliament elections. So, how exactly should we be scared of Russia?

Sir Julian King, the EU’s commission for security referred to Game Of Thrones and said, “Winter isn’t the only thing that’s coming – so is the risk of interference in our elections.” He said this in a press conference late of last year.

EU officials have considered Russia to be prime suspect and they have said that for Kremlin, for years now has been using wrong information to create confusion all over England. This has been undermining the voter’s choice  and trust in European Union and its democracies.

However, Russia has been completely denying this accuse and they have been calling them “completely false” and “unsubstantiated.” But some commentators are of the opinion that the Russia should not be accused of stoking. Blames should not be pinned on foreign entities but rather on domestic politics.

A report was released on the 17th of December, 2016 which was prepared for the Senate Intelligence Committee. It was found to be the leading congressional panels which had been investigating Russia. They have been trying to figure out the plot that was used to influence the election won by President Donald Trump.

Social medias have been talking about the large problem in the election in 2016 and they think it will be worst in 2020.

Is there any evidence of Russia meddling?

Many people came to know about the fake news that has been spreading around because of the election that was believed to be rigged in the 2016 presidential election. According to the US intelligence agencies, it was believed that Russia was actively involved in influencing the result. But Russia has completely denied this allegation and called it “absurd.”

Many officials in Brussels have been taking action against the spread of many Russian misinformation that has started spreading from 2015. This wrong information has been flowing since the East Stratcom Task Force was created. This mission is a unit that consists of 15 people whose sole mission is to identify and expose any strikes made by the Kremlin in order to mislead and confuse EU citizens.

The leader of the task force, Giles Portman told BBC Trending: “The evidence is being compiled for several years now that Russia has been seeking to influence European democratic processes.”

“Attempts have been made to hack and leak, or to denigrate particular politicians, or to misrepresent certain policies. The best way [for Russia] to strengthen itself is to weaken its opponent.”

He also gives an example of the 2017 elections for the German parliament where the right wing nationalists were supposedly inscribed by Russia.

Also, the presidential election was held that very year and the media funded by Kremlin media outlets were accused “of spreading falsehood” through the means of electoral campaign. Suggestions were also made about a last minute hack of emails from the campaign of Emmanuel Macron.

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