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Everyday common languages that didn’t exist till 1990’s

Most of the words that we speak today was invented centuries ago, but we have refined them to come up with new ones

English language is an evolving linguistic masterpiece. Most of the words that we speak today was invented centuries ago, but we have refined them to come up with new ones. For example words like “probiotic” and “playdate” didn’t exist until the 1970s.  Similarly words like “homeschool” and “high five” wasn’t known till the 1980’s.

Here are some of the words that prevailed from the 1990’s :

1.  Face Palm

Face palm is the action of covering your face with you hand with an expression of  dismay. The term “face palm” only came into existence in 1996. Before this term came into existence, the word ‘ugh’ was used as a substitute.

2.  Brain Freeze

You feel that unpleasant and sharp pain in your head when you drink a cold beverage or an ice cream you eat too quickly. It was not until 1991 that brain freeze was your body’s personal reaction about taking it slow or taking it easy.

3. Man Cave

Before 1992, people who wanted a personal space crashed at a basement or garage.  The 90’s gave this enjoyment a new name ‘ the man cave’ where a guy with his buddies spent time watching sports or obsessing over a video game.

4.  Buzzkill

People used words like killjoy, party-pooper before the 90’s to describe someone who brings down the buzz by their grouchy and serious nature.  These downers are labelled as being a buzzkill.

5.  Fashionista

People who are involved in the profession of being a designer and promoter are known to be fashionistas. But this word hit the limelight only in 1993 and it has been influencing the beauty community ever since.

6.  Website

During the 90’s the internet took over the world by storm. A new word was formed to describe the places they visit online which was called ‘website.’

7.  Livestream

In today’s world with the help of the internet, we can watch political statements and interviews and get the feels of viewing it in real- time.  Although we take this fact for granted in today’s world but this word didn’t even come in existence till 1995.

8.  Cyberattack

Cyberattack is an attempt to gain illegal access to a computer or computer system with the purpose of causing damage or harm. In 1996, this concept came into existence but luckily and soon enough ‘cybersafely’ was made to the rescue.

9.  Emoji

Can you imagine your life right now without using emojis?  But the concept of emojis didn’t come into existence until they popped up in the Japanese phones in the 1997.  They have ruled the entire world at the moment and they are the representation of everything from smiley faces to food emojis to express however we feel with a picture.

10.  Generation Z

Babes worn in between 1946 to 1964 were known as Baby Boomers.  This naming trend was continued with Generation X which existed from 1965 to 1979. Then Generation Y (1980 to 2000) came and they were also known as Millennials. And in 1997, the term Generation Z was coined.

11.  Blog

Thanks to the internet anyone wanting to share their opinions have a space to do it by writing blogs.  This word originated from “weblog” or “web log.”

12.  Texting

Although the concept of ’emojis’ came in the 1997 but ‘texting’ didn’t exist until the 1999.  In today’s world it is the most popular kind of communication medium that we use everyday.

13.  Botox

Wrinkles were completely cured when Botox hit the market in the mid- 90’s.  Botox is the short form to refer ” a preparation of botulinum toxin.”

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