Everything You Need to Know About Lilly Singh aka Superwoman

Lilly Singh Popularly known as Superwoman is one of the highest paid youtuber. She has over 14 million subscribers to her ‘IISuperwomanII’ YouTube channel. She has over 2 billion views and thousands of videos on YouTube.

In addition, she also has a vlog channel names “Superwomanvlogs”. She has currently over 2.6 million subscribers in that channel. She releases videos on her main channel on Monday and Thursday and daily on her vlog channel.

everything about lilly singh

She has made comedy videos with guest figures like Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and many more.

Lilly Singh is a world renowned YouTuber who was born on September 26, 1988. She is the youngest daughter of Malwinder Singh and Sukhwinder Singh. In various interviews, she has mentioned that she was a tomboy as a child and was a handful to her parents. She graduated from Lester B Pearson Collegiate Institute in 2006 and she acquired a degree in psychology from York University in 2010.

everything about lilly singh

She went through severe depression in her high school. According to her draw my life video, the people who were very close to her mistreated her. This made her very sad and was unable to cope with it. She did not do anything for a year after she got her degree. Her father suggested her to persue her masters. While she was filling the application form she though,” Oh my god! I don’t even want to do these applications, how am I going to do this for four years?.” So instead of going for a masters degree she wanted to make Youtube video. From that moment she has been successfully making videos till now.

Lilly is not just a Youtuber but also a businesswoman. She has successfully gone to a world tour and released a documentary movie named A Trip to Unicorn Island, which features her world tour. She has also released a motivational book named How To Be a Bawse, which was a bestseller worldwide.

Adding on, she has done collaborations with brands like Smash Box, Olay, Calvin Klein and many more. She has also release her own merch line on the website “Lillysingh.com”. recently she has also opened her own production company “Unicorn Island Productions” on which she will be developing a slate of series across comedy, animation, horror and unscripted genres.

everything about lilly singh

Lilly Singh is also the brand ambassador of UNICEF. She has visited places like Kenya, South Africa and India on this project. She has also made guest appearances in popular shows like Jimmy Fallon, Vogue, Chelsea and many more. She has also received awards like People’s Choice award and Teen Choice Award.

She has always said that her main aim of making Youtube videos was to make others happy. She always tries to relate to the viewer and make an actual effort to make them happy. This might be the key reason for her Loyal fanbase.


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