Fathers have More Influence in a Daughter’s Life than Mothers

In today’s world, where there are more single parents than in the past, there is a belief and a tendency that a mother can raise a daughter on her own.

We all believe that a mothers-daughters bond is a kind of the greatest one in the world.

It’s somewhat true that when it comes to raising girls, mothers are the one who get the most pressure and credit.

Be it makeup tips, menstrual issues, boy problems; mothers are mostly the first person daughters turn to.

influence of fathers on daughter

In today’s world, where there are more single parents than in the past, there is a belief and a tendency that a mother can raise a daughter on her own.

Do you agree to this? If yes, then here is a big surprise for you.

According to a research, fathers influence their daughters more than their mothers.

They are emotionally involved and present in their daughters lives which is essential for their emotional development.

influence of fathers on daughter

Even in ancient times, daughters have always shared an amazing and wonderful bond with their fathers.

In Greek mythology, despite Zeus was at a war with his sons, his daughters; especially Athena proved to be his strongest collaborator.

Psychologists from all around the world have insisted that it’s extremely important for a girl to be raised by her father properly.

influence of fathers on daughter

A father’s independent nature makes him the role model for his girl as she learns to be responsible, handle things on her own and take care of things.

A study claimed that daughters who share a good bonding with their fathers have healthier cholesterol level as compared to those who don’t.

A father teaches his girl the importance of building an individual identity along with the moral values.

influence of fathers on daughter

The sooner fathers are involved in their daughters lives, the better it is. Dads do have the ability to shape their daughters life.

Here below are few reasons why daughters connect more with their fathers than mothers.

He is the first man

A father is the first man a girl meets in her life. Her views, opinions about the opposite sex are built by observing him.

influence of fathers on daughter

Her views on a men depends completely upon how her father addresses himself, and how he behaves with others and with her mother.

A father introduces in her a positive outlook on men, builds love and trust, makes her feel confident and contributes to her physical, mental and emotional health.

Everything he does has an impact upon his girl.

Role Models

influence of fathers on daughter

Most girls consider their fathers to be their role models than their mothers.

Even though we always wish to dress up like our moms, most of our behavioral traits come from our dads.

influence of fathers on daughter

Whenever our fathers motivates or encourage us to do a particular task, we make sure to do it and succeed with flying colors.

We see them as our well-wisher and we love them unconditionally.

Positive Impact on Health

influence of fathers on daughter

Fathers play a huge role in their daughter’s physical, emotional and financial health.

According to a study, daughters who are more involved with their fathers in their childhood are more likely to be financially stable and physically happier.

With the love of her father, a girl is more likely to succeed in whatever she does and be more happy and confident in every situation that comes up.

Daughters are more Empathetic

influence of fathers on daughter

Women’s are often more emotionally responsive, they swallow everything in themselves.

They are gifted with the ability to listen and face any situation that comes in their way. Daughters do the same by expressing the repressed emotional side of theirs.

influence of fathers on daughter

Fathers are more open about their problems and he finds his daughter more understanding about his decisions and choices.

This leads to strong bond formation between them as she crosses her teen years and becomes more mature.

A Daughter is more obedient

influence of fathers on daughter

Females are usually believed to be more disciplined and obedient than their counterparts.

According to a study, a girl tends to unknowingly favor her daddy’s taste in politics, music, religion beliefs and professional courses.

Her father is similar to a looking glass to the outside world which makes them to naturally lean towards their daughters and show more love and affection.

Attachment Theory

influence of fathers on daughter

This theory states that the ability of a person to have an emotional or physical attachment to another individual gives him/her a sense of stability in life.

Children are attached to either their mother of the father since they are the ones who take care of them.

In the initial phase of childhood, girls are most likely to get attached to their mother since she is the one who feeds and nurse her.

influence of fathers on daughter

But as she grows up, her father is more capable of fulfilling her needs and wants which makes her more inclined towards him.

Dads are the teacher for life

In life, we always don’t have to be strong. It’s okay to be weak and break down when such situation exist.

influence of fathers on daughter

This is one of the most important lesson that we learn from our fathers. He promises to stand by us in every situation that exists.

He also builds a will in us to never tolerate anything that is incorrect and to always do what we wish and want to do.

Dad – A rescuer

influence of fathers on daughter

Remember the time when you mom says a big “NO” to that much-awaited foreign trip of yours?

You went to your dad with a puppy face? And result? It turned into a YES.

We always tend to go to our father whenever our heart is shattered or to make mom understand regarding things.

influence of fathers on daughter

A hug to your dad and he gets melted like a butter; this affection inclines daughter more towards their father.

He Motivates Us

While a mom is most often on the love and concern side, a dad is someone who takes a step forward.

influence of fathers on daughter

He constantly motivates us to take risks and supports us in everything we do.

Have no knowledge on a topic? Dad, I need you help; is all you have to say and he will be there to help you out.

He will help you settle when to move to a new city and will be always present to solve your problems.

Opposite Poles Attract

influence of fathers on daughter

According to a survey conducted, 55% of the mothers stated that it is easier to bond with boys instead of girls.

This study tends to show how moms who have both daughters and sons bond and connect more easily with their sons than their daughters.

influence of fathers on daughter

This trend is similar with the fathers too. When a baby girl is born, the father’s attention automatically shifts toward her, making her the center of his universe.

Fathers often find it more fulfilling to favor the experience the joy and excitement of raising a girl than a boy.

With this, we must not forget or under value the importance of mothers in our life.

They also do provide valuable advice required to be a successful daughter, woman, wife and a mother.

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