So how does it feel to spend a lifetime with your first love?

They talk about  how the bubbly, cheesy romance has bloomed to a beautiful relationship with lifetime of commitment.

Our early romantic experiences can have an ever lasting impact in our life.  When you fall in love as an adolescent, you experience love in an eccentric way.  When we think about those crazy talks about spending lifetime together as kids, is it practical? Turns out a number of women have shared their stories on how they married their young love.  They talk about  how the bubbly, cheesy romance has bloomed to a beautiful relationship with lifetime of commitment.

Together in sickness and in health

This is a story of two lovers who took their vows seriously and through the thick and thin, their first love has survived.

Love at first kiss

Love comes once and last forever.

No regrets about your one and only

If your other half never makes you feel like you have missed out on anything in life, would you ever have any regrets about your life may have turn out to be otherwise?  Guess not.

Changing and growing as a person and a couple

Relationships takes time to grow and a lot of effort is required to  maintain it. You have to work through the highs and the lows to this couple has managed to stay put even after all these years.

The BFF relationship

When you find your best friend irresistibly sexy, it is always a great sign.  These two started their romance as high school sweethearts and still sharing wonderful adventures together.

Helping each other learn and experience new things

A relationship is truly exceptional when they help you grow and learn new things. This romance was successful to do so and we totally root for them!

No baggage

This lady got it all! They are meant for each other and they got it right in the very first try!

Overcoming hurtful obstacles

Sometimes commitment with your first love can be a big challenge. It’s the love coming from a big heart that can forgive such tragic events and get a happy and peaceful ending, or hope to get one.

Overcoming a gap in experience

Everyone gets curious once in a while and that’s something all of us experience. If you can keep in control such momentous curiosities and stick to your man, you have been in a successful relationship.

Building a strong foundation as friends first

The best kind of relationships come from best friendships and understanding. This lady has got her perfect man and it’s amazing how relationship status changes but love remains the same.
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