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How Many of These Female-Centered TV Shows Have You Watched?

When you are obsessed with self-exploration and you still have certain values you hold dear to yourself, in this case, feminism, things that go against it will gnaw at you until a recluse is found or something that fits into what the norm for you is.  Here is a selective list of female-centered TV Shows if the real-life nonsense is getting too much for you and all you want is to immerse into something that soothes the feminist in you.

1. Harlots


Harlots, despite being a fun show, sugarcoats very little. A constant hubbub which concerns itself with rapid-cycle imbalances of power, moral predicaments and the ongoing tyranny of men proves its eligibility in the binge-watch Club.

2. The Handmaid’s Tale


The futuristic dystopian novel adapted into a TV show has been described as chilling and “gripping,” as though it were some thrilling fantasy by Erik Adams. This tale of Offred (Elisabeth Moss) and her efforts to regain some semblance of dignity in the dystopian near-future world of Gilead are exquisitely crafted episodes of television, not so much entertaining as compelling.

3. The Bold Type


This is the perfect dose you need when you feel that feminism is being questioned. The show is written by a woman, talks about three badass women swerving every curveball life throws their way.

4. Fresh Meat


This comedy follows a group of six students about to embark on the most exciting period of their lives so far, university. With mind-blowing cinematography and a brilliant theme song, the show focuses on how a woman learns to cope with new-found independence and womanhood. Seeing Black millennial women everywhere, especially on-screen exudes great strength and power.


5. Chewing Gum


Revolving around the main character’s honest and hilarious desperation to relieve herself of sexual repression as a result of living in a hyper-religious household, Chewing Gum blooms due to its ability to make things gruesomely, brilliantly funny, pushing boundaries only to gleefully burst through them and move on to the next misadventure, largely consequence-free. –The Guardian

6. Jane, The Virgin


We see a strong-female driven family, Jane being independent and many other powerful women who surround her. The show showcases representations of sexuality, a clash between personal and professional lives, making it relatable as anything.

7. Grace and Frankie


Grace & Frankie female-centered to the d.  We see women in their ‘70s living full lives — having fun, drinking, dealing with grief, creating art, contributing important ideas, and having sex. This show also, in some ways, is an anti-advertisement for the “females lose value with age” issue promoted by Hollywood.

8. How to Get Away With Murder


If you have a love for crime, drama, and mystery, and need a female-centered TV Show, this should be your go-to sitcom. Shonda Rhimes has mastered the art of giving Black women strong lead roles, and ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder has a powerful, smart, yet incredibly flawed protagonist (Viola Davis).


So choose a spot you can curl up in with a charging port close-by and go binge-watch these shows if you haven’t already before.

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