12 Food that was Made by Accident

Have you ever wondered how your favorite food was created?

Have you ever wondered how your favorite food was created? How these delicious cuisines came into existence?

Well, to be very honest, I spend half of my day thinking about how all these most amazing dishes came to be what it is today.

To our knowledge, there are so many food items that is exactly what it is supposed to be and they provide you the exact nutrients and energy they’re intended to.

But there are food items that weren’t exactly meant to exist yet thanks to a happy accident, it was made, we got to devour it, and now we can’t stop loving it.

Here are 12 food that came into existence due to an accident.

Chocolate Chips Cookies.

food that was made by accident

This beautiful treat was invented in the 30s when a woman named Ruth Wakefield was trying to bake chocolate cookies when she realized she ran out of baking chocolate. So she improvised using a bar of semi-sweet chocolate hoping it would melt while baking.

But to her surprise, the chocolate pieces didn’t melt, instead maintained its shape while being really soft. Thus, came chocolate chips cookies.

Potato Chips.

food that was made by accident

The origin of potato chips was rather an act of revenge that went right than a happy accident.

Chef George Crum of Saratoga Springs’ Moon Lake House grew so tired of a customer who kept sending the fried potatoes back complaining that they were soggy and not thin enough.

So to get him out of the restaurant, the chef sliced the potatoes as thinly as he could, fried them up, sprinkle some salt and sent it out. And to his surprise, the customer loved it so much that he spread the word about the potato chips far and wide.

Ice Cream Cone.

food that was made by accident

Oh! What would we do without the ice-cream cone, am I right?

Ice cream cone has an interesting and really sweet origin story. Before the cone, ice cream was served in cups, which still exists by the way. And an ice cream vendor ran out of the serving cups in the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, a friendly neighbor Ernest Hamwi volunteered to help out.

He took his waffle iron out, whipped up some batches of waffle and started making them. And when it was done he gave them a cone shape so the ice cream would easily fit. And ice cream has never been the same.


food that was made by accident

Gambling weather just a friendly game or in between professional is always better with something to eat. And this is how sandwiches came into existence.

It is believed that John Mantagu, a restaurant owner, and a heavy gambler was in the middle of an intense gambling game and was not in the mood of getting off his seat even though he was hungry.

So he asked his chef to prepare him a meal that he could eat with just one hand without having to get up. So one of the chefs put some meat and veggies in between two pieces of bread and gave it to him to eat.

Cheese and Yogurt.

food that was made by accident

This discovery of this lovely food item is historical as old as 8000 BCE.

During the old times, animal skins and organs were heavily used as a storage vessel for food items. Similarly, people used to travel around storing milk in these containers resulting in the liquid milk turning into yogurt and whey.

And eventually, people found out the process of cheese making and all our life changed since then.


food that was made by accident

Beer, the greatest invention of humankind was a mere accident, and thank god for that mere accident.

Okay, let’s take a brief look back in history, shall we?

About 10,000 years ago when the Mesopotamians started storing grains to make bread, the places they store the grains would sometimes become damp.

As a result, the grains fermented and this led to the origin of beer.


food that was made by accident

This life-saving (well almost) drink wasn’t something human were familiar with. In fact, it was the goats that got to enjoy the joys of coffee long before humans did.

If the tales are to be believed, it states that an Ethiopian goatherd noticed his goats unusually energetic and cheerful eating leaves and beans of a particular plant. Curiosity struck him and he tried the beans for himself and also sold some of it to a monk who complained about having sleep issues.

And the rest is history.


food that was made by accident

Back in the 17th century, the Dutch Vintners used to boil their wines just so they could reduce it and make it easier for travel. Then they used to cut the other end with water.

Little did they knew that by transporting reduced wine and water mixture in wooden casks, it would change into a whole another drink and thus brandy was created.



food that was made by accident

The creation of Coca-cola was a revolution as it changed the way people take refreshments till this date.

But its creation was a mere mistake. Back in 1886, John Pemberton, a wounded veteran was addicted to morphine. And to get rid of his addiction, he experimented in his pharmacy by creating a tonic water, which is also the real formula of Coca-Cola with the caffeine-rich kola nut and a hint of cocaine.

He later sold his formula to another pharmacist Asa Candler and today it is one of the most popular drinks all over the world.

Pink Lemonade.

food that was made by accident

Summertime screams lemonade as refreshes you in no time. The color of a lemonade is usually yellow but the origin of the pink lemonade is somewhat gross.

Pete Conklin, a circus concession ran out of the water one night while making lemonade. He looked around the circus for water and found a bucket in the dressing room which was filled with pink dye water.

He used the water for his lemonade that turned pink rather than yellow and called it strawberry lemonade which was an instant hit. But don’t worry no one uses pink dye water to make pink lemonades anymore.


food that was made by accident

Burritos are fine but deep-fried burritos, now that is what we live for. Chimichangas, which is more or less a deep-fried burrito was also a mere happy accident.

Chef Monica Flin while trying to make her famous El Charro ground beef tacos, he dropped a burrito into the frying pan by accident.

She was so mad about it that she almost cursed. But later realizing that there were children around, she controlled herself.

But once she took a bite of the accidental burrito that changed everything.

Corn Flakes.

food that was made by accident

Two brothers Will Kellogg and John Harvey Kellogg were trying to make granola bars so their patients could eat something healthy.

And in the process, John accidentally flaked wheat.

Impressed, Will decided to flake some more things that led to him flaking corn and thus, marked the creation of Corn Flakes.

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