10 Weirdest Food Traditions Around The World

There are numerous traditions people follow around the world on the dinner table (or floor).

Spoons and forks are associated with the western world, whereas chopsticks and bare-hands define the Asians. There are numerous traditions people follow around the world on the dinner table (or floor).

We might be familiar with a lot of traditions but still, lack information regarding many weird food traditions people follow around the world.

Here are 10 weirdest food traditions around the globe.

1. No Cheese with Seafood.

Cheese is something we all love and think that goes with anything, there are traditions that forbid people from using cheese with seafood. While people all over love spreading cheese in seafood pasta like shrimp linguine. Italians, however, take the concept of mixing cheese with seafood as a culinary disaster.

2. Slurping Food is a Good Thing.

Has your mother ever given you that cold glare when she heard you slurping your tea or your noodles? Same. But in Japan, slurping is not only considered a good thing but is also encouraged. Japanese people believe that this indicates that you’ve enjoyed your meal as well as improves the flavor of the noodle.

3. Clean Your Own Damn Plate.

Hands washing a plate

In many places, after you eat food and there is someone whose job is to clean up. This is normally a chore parent give their children to teach them. But in countries like Japan and India, cleaning your own plates after the meal is done is considered an honor to the host. It applies that you’ve enjoyed your meal thoroughly and are grateful to your host.

4. Don’t Pass the Food.

In Japanese traditions, passing around the food using chopsticks is considered wrong. Because it is a funeral ritual. During funerals, people pass bones around the same way and passing food like this is insulting.

5. Use Utensils, Not Hands.

While eating with hands has its own beauty. It might be hard but it’s really fulfilling. But the people of Chile consider it an insult. It is established that you use a knife and a fork, no matter what you’re feasting upon.

6. It’s Okay, Leave the Food on Your Plate.

We must’ve all heard our parents yell at us for leaving food behind on our plates. And also numerous stories of how the food-ghost will haunt us if we do so. But this isn’t the case for the people of China. In fact, they believe this means that your host fed you well and you’re satisfied with the food you just had.

7. No Ketchup on the Dogs.

When someone serves us hotdogs, we can choose what toppings we like and what sauce would we like to add. Most go with ketchup. But in Chicago, putting ketchup on your hot dog is strictly prohibited. In fact, it is considered harmful to your taste-buds and bad manners to add ketchup on your dog.

8. Don’t Pour Your Drinks.

If you’re ever in Korea, don’t you ever dare to pour a drink for yourself. It is considered very rude in Korean tradition to pour your own drink. All you need to do is wait for someone to pour it for you. Or maybe ask someone to do it.

9. It’s Not Rude to Fart.

Farting while eating sounds so wrong doesn’t it? Well, not for the indigenous Canadians. In Inuit culture, it is okay for people to pass gas around while you eat as it is considered a sign that you appreciated the food you ate.

10. Don’t Use Your Left Hand.

Eating with your hand is a common tradition among many Asian countries. But in the Middle East, you always need to use your right hand while you’re eating. The left hand is used for ‘other’ activities and not food handling and is also considered an insult.


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