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Game Of Thrones: Season Eight Predictions

The incest bomb of Jon and Daenerys with go off, maybe towards the end of episode one of the next season. Jon is going to be a dragon rider and he is going to ride on Rhaegal.

Game of Thrones has become a major religion among the young generation. Such religion has created a massive fandom along with numerous fan theories and predictions. The series has around seven seasons and they have had started the shooting for the final season since October. And sadly, the eighth season is going to be the last and final one.

game of thrones season eight predictions

The eighth season consists of six episodes and it’s going to be at least longer than an hour, kind of like a short movie. The predictions and theories for the final season have created mass hysteria.

What Might Happen?

Towards the end of the seventh season, we could see that the Night King had come along with his army of the dead. The Night King is probably going to patrol the north, capturing the minor houses like Deepwood Motte and Barrowton. Slowly, they are going to sneak south and start invading again. Ellas Karstark and all of her people and the Umbers might wind up dying as well.

game of thrones season eight predictions

Tormund and Beric are sure to be alive, even though the last episode left us thinking they could have died. They probably made it down the wall, sailing south to the bay or made it to the Last Hearth. We can expect one big battle in the north. This season may have a single plotline but with major action scenes.

game of thrones season eight predictions

Samwell has returned to Winterfell gaining abundant of knowledge from The Citadel. Bran and Samwell could be seen having a talk and they are probably going to team up.

Bran can go anywhere he wants and with all the knowledge Sam has, they might find ways to destroy or undermine the Night King.

game of thrones season eight predictions

Huge reunions are going to take place in this season. We can expect the reunions of Jon and Arya and Arya and Gendry. Ghost may also reunite with Jon but it’s not certain. Sansa may marry sweet Robin and gain control over the entire north.

game of thrones season eight predictions

game of thrones season eight predictions

Jon and Daenerys are sailing towards the white harbor. If they don’t go back to the Dragonstone to look at the mining of the glass, they probably will end up going to Winterfell because that’s where the big battles always happen. The Night King may die halfway through the season.

game of thrones season eight predictions

There can be some conflict between Daenerys and Tyrion as Daenerys has not been listening to him as she should have. Tyrion is already seen frustrated with Daenerys, but he won’t betray her and her alliance.

Cersei is pregnant but the baby may not come to terms, she is going to be left alone. Like Jamie had referred,

“You are going to be alone.”- Jamie Lannister.

She is going to be a character of unlimited money but with no conscious.

Euron makes it back with the golden company. They use the Iron banks money to fortify their army and weapons in the King’s Landing.

Theon is most likely going to kill Euron. At this point, Euron has become a comical figure cracking jokes and perfect meme.

game of thrones season eight predictions

Jamie has already narrated his death,

“ I wanna die at the hands of someone I love.”

So hopefully he dies in the arms of Brienne of Tarth.

game of thrones season eight predictions

game of thrones season eight predictions

“A dream of spring.” A baby may be born from Daenerys and this can crystallize the relationship between her and Jon.  However, the incest bomb can create confusion in their relationship.

It is rumored that the producers of Game of Thrones are going to shoot multiple endings for the series finale. They are going to do this in order to avoid leaking of the episodes like the seventh season.

game of thrones season eight predictions

Death Predictions.

Here are some death theories and predictions for the following season as well.

Samwell, Gilly and baby Sam probably are the safest characters. The Lord Of Light brought back Beric, Jon, and a few others. They have a major role to play in the battle but are going to bear a heavy price later on.

You can come back from the dead as many times as you want but it’s not free of consequences.

game of thrones season eight predictions

Arya has the Valyrian dagger and she is also going to fight the white walkers. She will hopefully survive because the whole idea of season seven was

“ The lone wolf dies, the pack survives.”

Since she formed the pact so she might survive.

Therefore, Sansa may survive too. She is the lady of Winterfell, proving she has been quite competent in the role. She will continue to do what she is doing.

Sir Davos will be a good adviser to her and she will survive. Tyrion and Bron are also going to survive. Bron is not going to die until he gets his castle that Jamie Lannister promised.

game of thrones season eight predictions

Brienne is also going to be fine since she also owns a Valyrian steel sword given to her by Jamie Lannister. Which means she might also fight the white walkers.

The Brotherhood without Banners, just a name given to the men is getting smaller. Sir Jorah, Tormund and Hound will survive. Hound is going to help defeat the night king but his ultimate goal is to defeat his brother, the Mountain.

game of thrones season eight predictions

Daario may come back and fight. He will go back east and continue being the charismatic Sellsword. Bran will survive too but will pay a heavy price for his powers, like Arya did.

Now talking about deaths, comedy pirate is obviously going to die at the hands of Theon as he is trying to rescue Yara. Melisandre is going to die in that strange land, she came back to die.

game of thrones season eight predictions

Cersei is going to die metaphorically fulfillment of the Valonqar. Daenerys and Jon are most definitely going to die. Their potential future child will survive on. Jon will sacrifice himself to save everyone. If Daenerys dies, does her dragon die as well? Well, for the Starks usually if they die the Direwolf die with them. If they die with their owner, they can’t lay eggs and that would be the end for the dragons as well.

game of thrones season eight predictions


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