You should get rid of these useless things today!

Even if minimalism can be beneficial you need to look ways to declutter the things you don't need

We all have personal attachment to things/ objects that do not have much use in our everyday life.  It’s alright, we all have been guilty of doing this! Even if minimalism can be beneficial you need to look ways to declutter the things you don’t need. Here are some of the things you need to throw away right now!

Old cell phones

People still have the habit of keeping old phones that are no longer of use to them. We have an emotional attachment to the phone. We don’t accept there is always a new phone in life, it’s time to move on!

Power cords and cables

We all have those cables that don’t go with anything. But instead of getting rid of it, we just leave it there. Time to throw them out!


Old sunscreens and lotions, TRASH IS WHERE THEY BELONG.

Condiment packets

I know it’s very enticing to bring those cute little condiment packets home but can you think of the last time you used it? Just use your regular ketchup bottle or sugar packets!


You even remember the 90’s Nokia phones having calculators, why the hell do you still have them?

Cloths that no longer fit

We all have several pieces of clothing that we have but don’t wear. You have hope that someday you will loose your weight and it will fit you. It’s just taking up space in your closet, no need to get sad. Just accept your present body structure and throw them out!

Food storage containers

How many containers, mostly without lid do you have in your kitchen cupboard? Probably loads, JUST THROW THEM AWAY!

Remote controls

Like old phones and cables, remote controls are not required at all. They are definitely there in the depth of your storage boxes.

Plastic cutlery

We all have plastic cutlery just in the case of utensils emergency.  You want to go the picnic that never happens, not going to happen anytime soon. They deserve to have a new home (i.e. trash).

Obsolete media

Cassette tapes and VHS has a lot of memory. We get it, but it’s time to keep memories in digital formats.

Expired coupons

We have stacks of these coupons at home, those expired ones which is cluttering your room. Now it’s time to get rid of them.


Those extra chopsticks that you get from a takeaway. Yeah that, throw it.


Think of the environment and just recycle them!

Towels and bedding

We all have extra sets of towels and bedding. Are you really going to use the old ones? Just kick them out!

Product manuals

I know you have never read any product manuals, just accept it and continue using products in your own way!


We don’t really use physical forms of calendar now, do we? And for the people who do use them, have you really thrown away the old ones? Guess not.

Expired food

Have you tried checking expired food in your pantry or freezer? It’s time you do that and possibly avoid food poisoning.


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