A Girl Who Can Create Wings

Alexis Noriega has achieved the impossible by creating realistic looking bird wings

Ever wondered how it feels to have wings? Ever wondered if you could fly? Well, these are questions that usually come in our minds once in a while.

Having wings and being able to fly like a bird has been our craziest dream. Having wings and feeling independent and strong is something that sounds cliché and right out of a fairy tale. But, this young girl made the impossible possible.

She turned her dreams into reality. Not just her dream but the dream of thousands to feel how it is like to have wings. Alexis Noriega, a 28 year old Phoenix artist is superlatively talented and great at what she does.

Alexis Noriega creates wings. Yes, wings. She works with feathers and creates beautiful and majestic wings. The wings range from $35 to $3000. The small set of wings is made from rooster feather. The larger ones are dyed and are specifically designed for models and beauty pageant contestants. Her wings are very much loved and are high on demand.

Alexis was always interested in flight and completely enjoyed the adrenaline. She had even signed up for flying and sky diving lessons to seek for the adrenaline rush and her urge to have a bird’s eye view.

She fulfilled her passion and delved into greater heights when she launched her online shop called “Crooked Feather “. She supplies and sells all her beautiful creations through this online platform.

Alexis’ pneumatically activated wings don’t allow you to fly, but they look amazing when spread out. The wings move in such grace that it makes you look like an angel and look absolutely magisterial.


A particular pair of wings takes about 120 hours to be made. Twelve hours a day spent gluing feathers individually on to lightweight frames to resemble an actual bird’s wings is all worth it, says Alexis.

For her, just to see the look on her happy customer’s faces when they try on the wings takes all her tiredness away which justifies her hard work and dedication.

Many of her customers are beauty or fitness pageant contestants who constantly look for unique ways to make their costumes stand out.

“With the popularity of angel wings like the one at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, the tendency to include wings has become a necessity says Noriega. In order to achieve perfection, Alexis spends months working on how to make her wings fan open mechanically like that of a bird.

“Women who wear these wings want to look like they could fly off the stage.” One of the contestant even said that the pair of “Crooked Feather” wings helped her win first place at her fitness competition. This is how Alexis had built trust and loyalty in her customers. DaSilva, 50, won the World’s Best Fitness and fashion pageant. In the pageant, she had worn a set of silver and gold wings made from ostrich feathers.

According to Alexis, her work is her greatest strength and her source of happiness. She believes working with feathers is not easy and requires a great deal of patience. But the results that she receives are something that keeps her going and motivated. As a result, this is what makes her strive for better and achieve greater heights.

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