What you should be drinking for faster weight loss

Weight loss is an overdue dream-like phenomenon for a huge chunk of the population in today’s world! We are constantly torn between whether we should exercise and control our diet or should let go of the body standards of the world and indulge it whatever our taste buds crave for.

It is true that the societies we live in have unrealistic body and beauty standards, which are not feasible for the different body types that exist. But, it is also necessary that we take individual initiatives to maintain our body weight. After all, our bodies are the source of our happiness and sufferings. Feeding our bodies uncontrollably will lead to obesity and a series of health issues that come with it.

A successful weight loss program consists of adequate exercise with a balanced food intake. Weight loss can be accelerated by incorporating certain foods and drinks into our regular food habit, which aid in faster weight loss due to certain ingredients and chemicals present in them. Among them, there are various drinks that can increase your metabolism rate and fat-burning process.

Here are the greatest drinks for a faster weight loss that will aid you in your journey towards your desired weight goals!

1.Green Tea

Asian countries like China and Japan attribute their long and healthy life to the consumption of Green tea. Green tea is packed with antioxidants that helps the body to detox and chemicals such as caffeine and catechins which increase metabolism rate, for faster fat-burning in the body. The optimal consumption of green tea is 2.5 cups per day but the effect depends on the type of tea you are using. Matcha is the best option for weight loss due to its high content of catechins.

2. Black Tea

Black tea leaves are darker in color and contain higher levels of polyphenols due to oxidization of the leaves. Polyphenols, especially flavonoids in black tea, are powerful antioxidants that promote weight loss. Consuming 3 cups of black tea per day has been found to increase weight loss and reduction in waistline.

3. Ginger Tea

Consumption of ginger tea has been found to aid the weight loss in humans by reducing appetite and increasing calorie expenditure. After consuming ginger powder or tea, an individual experiences fullness leading to less food intake. It also burns fat by increasing the thermic effect of food. Energy required to digest food increases resulting in weight loss over long term.

4. Coffee

It is basic knowledge that coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine increase energy level and people who consume coffee have a lowered need for energy intake and increased metabolism. It also helps to increase fat-burning and helps to maintain weight loss over time.

5. Water

Increasing the water intake has many benefits for our health, among which weight loss is a prime benefit. By taking water before meals, calorie consumption can be decreased as water increases fullness. It also helps to burn more calories in resting state, especially when consumed cold.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar helps to promote weight loss by increasing metabolism, lowering insulin in the blood, reducing appetite and burning fats. Consuming apple cider vinegar slows the emptying of stomach and can help to control overeating. It should be consumed in small amounts and followed by rinsing with water, as consuming too much apple cider vinegar corrodes teeth.

7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat that can help to aid weight loss.It can either be incorporated into your diet as a replacement of butter and other oils or can be consumed as a drink. Three tablespoons of the oil can help to increase weight loss rate but anymore may cause problems such as diarrhea and dehydration.




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