12 Healthy Snack Recipes For Lazy People

Craving for junkies? Not caring the number of calories risking your heart? It is time that you switch to healthier option for snacks. And if you are a lazy person (just like me!) then try these yummy recipes!

We have a list of 15 healthy snacks that will keep your taste buds and health happy.

1. Sweet and Salty Roasted Almonds

This combination is tasty and rich in fibre. In the event that you don’t have an oven, look at this formula for an easy method to make these stove-top. Get the recipe right here!


2. Cucumber Sticks and Boiled Egg

This is super clear yet in addition extremely sound and filling enough for an evening nibble. Try the recipe!


3. Taco Popcorn

All you have to make great old popcorn considerably less exhausting is taco flavouring. Here is how you prepare it!


4. Yoghurt Covered Blueberries

Just two fixings required for these solidified treats: yoghurt and blueberries. Here is the recipe!


5. Coconut and Pistachio-Stuffed Dates

In the event that you are under budget for pistachios, you can substitute them with peanuts. Know the recipe.


6. High Protein Fruit Dip

You’ll just need four ingredients to make this flawless plunge: yoghurt, almond, cinnamon and honey. Here is the recipe.


7. Apple and Almond Butter

Once in a while, all you require is an apple and a decent almond or peanut spread. This is best taken as an evening snack. Here is the recipe.


8. Hummus And Veggies Sticks

Regardless of whether it’s natively constructed or locally acquired, hummus is dependably a decent alternative to fulfil yearnings. Here is how you make it!


9. Banana, Chocolate, and Coconut Popsicles

These super rich popsicles have no dairy and no added sugar. Get the recipe here.


10. Almond Butter and Banana Sandwich

Tahini and almond spread gives this snack an additional nutty flavour that flawlessly complements the sweetness of the banana. Moreover, the entire thing is stacked with potassium. What more do you require? Here is how you make it!


11. Crushed Chickpeas, Tomato, and Fried Egg Toast

Avocado toasts are simply amazing, however when you might try crushed chickpeas, tomato, and a fried egg for a heavenly option. Know the recipe here.


12. Solidified Yogurt-Covered Strawberries

Want something sweet, super crisp, and with a smidgen of mash to it? Have some yoghurt covered strawberries. Know how to make it here.





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