Here are the things that will happen before 2050

  1. 1 2018

    Two new countries are set to emerge in the pacific. Named New Caledonia and Bouganville, the two places held separate referendums to gain independence from France and Papua New Guinea respectively. 

  2. 2 2019

    UK will officially leave EU on March 29 2019

  3. 3 2020

    Jeddah tower will be erected and opened in Saudi Arabia which will then become the tallest structure in the world, standing 1000m high. Also, Bigelow aerospace has scheduled to construct the first ever space hotel which will accommodate six very wealthy guests

  4. 4 2021

    India hopes to launch their first ever manned space mission

  5. 5 2022

    China will construct their own space station

  6. 6 2023

    Earliest Mickey Mouse cartoons will lose their copyrights because they will expire under the US copyright law

  7. 7 2024

    SpaceX has plans on launching their first cargo loaded rocket to prepare for their planned manned mission to mars

  8. 8 2025

    The world’s largest observatory, the giant Magellan telescope will be completed and will have 10 times the resolution power of the Hubble space telescope

  9. 9 2026

     If everything goes according to plan in 2024, SpaceX will launch their first manned mission to mars. NASA, on the other hand, has plans to send humans to an asteroid.

  10. 10 2027

    The SpaceX  mars mission crew will arrive at their destination

  11. 11 2028

    The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link is estimated to be completed that will link Northern Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark.

  12. 12 2029

    San Francisco and Los Angeles will be connected by a high speed rail line that will transport people to and from the cities in 2 hours 20 minutes.

  13. 13 2030

    The World Health Organization and UNICEF have set a goal for universal access to basic sanitation by 2030

  14. 14 2031

    Russia Plans to send their first manned mission to the moon

  15. 15 2032

    World Sales of electric vehicles is estimated to reach 14 million

  16. 16 2033

    High Speed 2 (HS2), a high-speed railway in the United Kingdom is planned to be completed

  17. 17 2034

    Switzerland will phase out the last of its nuclear power plants

  18. 18 2035

    World sales of electronic vehicles will reach 16 million 

  19. 19 2036

    It is estimated that by this year, there will be no veterans of the Second World War left with the last of the future Supercentenarian (someone who lives to be above 110 years old) veterans passing away

  20. 20 2037

     The first SUMMER when there may be no ice in the arctic

  21. 21 2038

    On January 19 03:14:08 UTC  the Year 2038 problem will occur. It is when a common computing representation of date and time will overflow

  22. 22 2039

    The Destroyers for Bases Agreement's ninety-nine-year rent-free leases granted to the United States by the United Kingdom will expire. In the agreement, on September 2, 1940, US Navy destroyers were transferred to the Royal Navy from the United States Navy in exchange for land rights on British possessions

  23. 23 2040

    France will have banned the sale of all gasoline diesel vehicles

  24. 24 2041

    World sales of electronic vehicles will reach 20 million 

  25. 25 2042

    A Nickelodeon time capsule, sealed in April 1992, will be opened

  26. 26 2043

    Slovenia will close down its nuclear plant by this year

  27. 27 2044

     METI message Cosmic Call 2, sent from the 70-meter Eupatoria Planetary Radar arrive at their destination 55 Cancri  and HD 10307 star on May and September respectively.

  28. 28 2045

    This is the estimated year of technological singularity, meaning artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence

  29. 29 2046

    World population is estimated to reach 9.5 billion

  30. 30 2047

    On July, a METI message called Teen Age Message sent from the 70-meter Eupatoria Planetary Radar will arrive at its destination, 47 UMa star.

  31. 31 2048

    The Antarctic Treaty will be reviewed which could lead to revolutionary mining and oil industries being set up on the continent

  32. 32 2049

    The present "One country, two systems" agreement with Macau, guaranteed for 50 years starting from December 20, 1999, provided under the Basic Law, will expire.

  33. 33 2050

    Half of the Amazon rainforest will have been deforested


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