Here’s why you should jump into the Tinder-world

The modern society that we live in is split into two parts: one that does not understand what a hook up means and one that does not have enough courage to admit that they know what a hook up means.

The talk here is of the older generation of parents who have been brought up on the culture of arranged marriages and its starkly- contrasting newer generation of children who do not seem to have a problem getting naked with strangers (secretly at least).

Regardless of whether or not a person in the latter category believes in the trend of hook-ups or not, they are aware of the presence of dating apps such as Tinder, Tingle and Blendr. Among these varieties, Tinder is especially popular among the seekers of online dates due to its relatively easy user interface.

All you need to do to get a match is upload a few pictures, add a bio, swipe right on profiles you want to match with and wait for them swipe right back. Once both parties have swiped right, the conversation is yours to carry forward.

Tinder is rather infamous as a hookup app in India and is slowly but definitely gaining users throughout the major cities of India. Most people use it for dating or casual sex purposes but a major chunk of people also resist using the app due to the taboo related to the culture of hooking up in India.

If you happen to fall into the category of people who are refraining from the use of Tinder on moral grounds, you need to know why Tinder is more than just an app that is used to waste time by immoral undisciplined horny boys and girls waiting to get into each other’s pants.

Here is why, you too, should jump into the Tinder-world!

1. You learn about your types (or the types you wish to avoid)

Tinder helps you to understand your own preferences when it comes to the kind of people you would like to associate yourself with. More than that, it will definitely allow you to understand what kind of people you would rather not deal with.

Despite the initial judgment of a person being done through some pictures and a self-written description, once you start chatting with a number of people, with time, you will learn about the kind of person you would like to meet. Your preferences, both physical and intellectual, will be made clear in your mind and will help you find a better match in the future.

2. You can make great friendships

All matches made through Tinder do not have to end up being a date or a hook up. Once you start conversing with someone, of the same gender or not, you have a high chance of developing great friendships with people who have similar interests to you and would like to hang out to have fun. You can arrange to partake in activities of shared interests and hobbies, which could even turn into long-lasting friendships.

3. You can develop a business network through Tinder

Tinder could alternate as the more casual LinkedIn and help you develop some important business links. The conversations on Tinder are usually more casual than they are on LinkedIn, which makes it easier for you to create great partnerships and propose businesses or connections with people in your field of work, all while doubling as a friend.

4. You can build life-long relationships

If you are of the mind that Tinder relationships are not serious or do not have the potential to last life-long, think again. Tinder is only a platform that allows you to meet people from various walks of life. The people that you meet and how you advance in the relationship always depends on you and your partner. If you are waiting for the true love of your life, what makes you think Tinder might not be place they are waiting for you at?

5. Tinder is anything but a waste of time

Most people consider Tinder a waste of time and state that they would not like to waste their time finding partners or friends on an app. Tinder is no more a waste of time than the Instagram and Facebook that people have hours by the day to spend on. In fact, Tinder might be more productive than any other social app as all the time you spend on tinder is invested in developing relationships. When friendships and relationships consume such a huge chunk of our modern lives, using tinder would be anything but a good investment for you, both personally and socially.

6. Increases your self-worth and validation

Studies show that most of the youth have been habituated to linking their self-worth and validation to likes, hearts and right swipes on social media apps. While it is not advisable to link your worth to something as mere as the tap of a finger of an online community, it is affordable on certain occasions when you are feeling low or unworthy. Just the fact that people are trying to link with you, no matter what their intention, can be a boost to your mood. But be careful! You are not the number of people who like you, so do not let it get to your head!

7.You actually have only one life

If the realization hasn’t hit you yet, you actually only have one life. You should not let the opinions of others dictate your life. If you are judging people who use Tinder or think others would do so to you, crash these thoughts! Go ahead and help your romantic life or social circle by joining Tinder and making friends across borders. At the worst, you will gain yourself some stalkers!

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