Hide Your Tattoos If You Want To Save Your Potential Job!

Tattoos once recognised for trending among rock stars, sailors and bikers are mainstream in the present day. Most of the Americans, especially the youth, have tattoos on their body. An emerging number of 14% of the population now own at least one tattoo. Interestingly, women outnumber men in this regard. The case is similar in Europe. In Britain, one in every five people has a tattoo. In Ireland, about 36% of the population under the age of 40 own at least one tattoo.

The acceptance of tattoo is increasing at the very slow rate in the organisational culture until and unless it is either demanded by the workplace or does not have any impact on the service being offered. This is also acceptable in firms with younger clientele. However, this does not change the persisting perceptions of the existing population. This means there is a significant question of saving your job or getting the promotion you wanted for a long time just because you own a tattoo.

When it comes to professionalism majority of employers still consider it to be rebellious and behaves no less than a taboo in the organisational context. Research by CareerBuilder shows that a distinct 27% of employers put off hire or promotion of candidates if they held a tattoo. And therefore, 11% of Americans will have them removed when it comes to their career alignment.


Existing Restrictions

Tattoos are already restricted in the majority of professions. Moreover, having religious tattoos are also major concerns. According to professionals, these tattoos hinder the personality and image of potential employees as having tattoos show they do not take things seriously and lack professionalism. Research by LinkedIn in March 2018 among 500 employers shows that 75% of them consider candidates image is playing a huge role in the hiring process and shockingly a big chunk of 88% believe that having a tattoo restricts the career options. When asked the reasons regarding the career restriction, 47% mention industry intolerance, 46% think it shows lack of professionalism and 41% say that it is the dress code policies introduced. Similar research was carried out in 2014 with 327 employer respondents primarily focused in Canada which showed 14% employers refraining from hiring someone with a tattoo while 23% mentioned it did not matter. The remaining 63% indicated it was contextual to the type of job and position of a tattoo.

Some firms consider having tattoos if they are hidden. There are companies which accept tattoos regarding the type of customers they deal with along with the frequency and intensity to face them. This is just a thin line that you have a chance to save from being fired or get that promotion.

In the USA, with 37% of HR managers considering tattoos as the third most unpleasing physical attribute restricting career, there are no policies that protect employees or people with tattoos in the workplace. This is also the same in Europe. Companies also have no visible tattoo policies and legal employment arrangements.


(Source: Business Insider)

Acceptance Of Tattoos

Depending upon the type of profession and type of job, tattoos are accepted. Moreover, the senior managers and leaders accept tattoos and get one on them as an approach to be more acceptable to their younger teammates. The professions that accept art as a form of expression and representation of creativity are unbothered by the number of tattoos their employees own. Moreover, these are employers who believe that having a tattoo is not concerned with the attitude of individuals when it comes to the job.


This shows that for people who are so eager to own a tattoo have to consider their career before getting one. There is very little luck that being inked will be accepted widely in all the industries in short period. And for the time being, you can get a tattoo where your regular clothing hides it perfectly!

What is your view regarding the acceptance of tattoo? If you were an employer, would you hire someone with a tattoo? What is your stand? Let us know!

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