How can parents motivate children to read more?

Children often feel unmotivated to read because reading below their level is boring and reading above their level becomes difficult.

An issue in the contemporary era is getting children to read more books. Surrounded by technology and the internet, reading has become an almost forgotten task. The seed of reading, once planted, yields a lot of fruits, like improvement in memory, analytical skills, writing skills, and growth in vocabulary among other things.

The question is how can we get children to read more?

Before we begin, it is of the utmost importance that parents do not force their children to read. Reading is supposed to be a tranquil experience, thus constant nagging will not help. Instead, promote reading as escapism and create a soothing setting for the children to read.

Firstly, technology can be incorporated to motivate young readers. Since children are so familiar with technology, it can be of help to beginners. There are various e-readers available that parents can choose for the individual needs of their children.

Identifying their reading level can also be of big help as children often feel unmotivated to read because reading below their level is boring and reading above their level becomes difficult. Know that it is okay to start with picture books. But do not force children to read certain books only because they are popular in the reading community. Every single book will does not need to make children smarter.

Moreover, surround children with books of a variety of genres as well as genres that appeals to them. Knowing what interests your child and how they are as little people will help the parents in book selection. Finding stories that help a child invest emotionally will promote self-growth, help them understand people around them better and motivate them to read more.

Praising children for what they have read is another great method of encouragement. What goes with that is making conversation about the book that they have read; talking about what they liked, what they disliked, and what they would change are good starters.

Furthermore, parents themselves should read more to set good examples on their children. What can also be a good ritual and a great bonding experience is talk to children about the books that the parents have read.

Another bonding experience can be reading together. It will allow parents to spend more time with their children. This can be especially helpful for working parents who can use that time to relax.

A bonus point- critically acclaimed authors Stephen and Tabitha King reversed roles in their household. Instead of reading to their children every night like most parents do, they made their children tell them bed time stories, the results of which are three creative individuals. Two of the King children are also novelists like their parents.

Reading is a wonderful experience. Not only can it soothe one’s soul, it can also be an advantageous bonus for academics. Instilling the habit of reading early on in childhood can be very beneficial. There are many other ways to motivate children to read more books. Let us know in the comments below if we have missed any.

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