How New Year Is Celebrated Around The World

  1. 1 Spain

    Spanish traditional practices include eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve– one for each chime of the clock.

  2. 2 England

    The British believe that, for good fortune in the newly arrived year, a young, dark-headed male must be the first to enter the main door with bread to prevent lack of food throughout the year; salt as a symbol of wealth and coal for warmth.

  3. 3 Denmark

    People break old dishes on their friends' front door as symbol of friendship. Theone with the most broken dishes piled up is the one with the most friends.

  4. 4 Brazil

    The brazilians believe that people should also eat seven raisins before midnigt. They also believe that Lentils bring good finance in the house. 

  5. 5 Philippines

    For New Year’s in the Philippines, people associate everything with the 'round' shape including eating round foods, carrying coins in their pockets, and wearing outfits with lots of polka dots.

  6. 6 Vietnam

    The Vietnamese wear new, traditional clothes called ao dai to bring a fresh start to the new year.

  7. 7 New York

    In New York in the US, huge crowds look forward to 'The Ball Drop' on Times Square, a glowing ball that is lowered down a big flagpole, to signal the start of the new year.

  8. 8 Scotland

    First-footing is a scottish tradition where they aim to be the first person to step foot in their friends' or family's homes after the clock has struck midnight.

  9. 9 Romania

    The Romanian new year tradition includes dressing up as dancing bears to chase away any evil spirits because the people believe that bears are able to protect and heal.

  10. 10 Puerto Rico

    In Puerto Rico people throw a bucket of water out of their windows to drive away evil spirits and to throw away bad jujus of last year.



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