How to know when you need a break from work!

Your workplace is where you spend the most of your waking time. An average work day lasts between 7-9 hours. It takes an additional hour or two to get prepped and commute to and from work, which means that we are spending about 10 hours around our work. As we spend such a huge chunk of our time at work, it is common to feel tired and stressed. What we are not supposed to feel is burnt out.

Being burnt out is a step above being stressed and can be a serious indicator that you require a break from work to regain balance in your professional and personal lives. It usually is a consequence of overworking oneself without giving your body and mind the time to heal. It might due to long hours of work, conflict at workplace, a mismatch of personality with co-workers or an authoritative boss that leads to such a state of mind.

Here are five signs that tell you when you need a break from work!

1.Getting up in the morning is hard

If getting up in the mornings is getting harder by the day and the thought of going to work hits you like a bullet as soon as you are conscious, it is time to consider taking a break from work. It is your body’s attempt of keeping you away from what stresses you out, in this case: your workplace. A break, as short as a day or two, can help you come back to work rejuvenated and motivated.

2.You feel nauseous

Stress from being burnt out not only affects your mind but also your physical health. When you find yourself feeling nauseous, or having body aches and head aches more often than before, it is a telltale that you are in need of a break. If you continue to work in this state of mind, you are taking a risk of developing more serious health issues. A break with ample of rest and things that you like to do can be of great help in recovering your body as well as your mind.

3. You don’t have friends at your workplace

It is important to have a group of friends that you can confide in and talk about work related stress to release the tension. Not having friends at your workplace means that you do not have anyone to associate with in your immediate work environment.

You might feel like you are being watched and might want to avoid your colleagues outside of work. It is advised to cancel your meetings, get together and hangout plans with these people so that you can spend time alone or with people who matter to you. When you feel like you don’t want to face the people at your workplace, let alone be friends with them, taking some time off might help you figure out why you don’t like the people around you and whether or not you should continue working there.

4. You can’t focus on your work

When the day comes that you are interested in every other thing but your work, know that you need a break. If you find yourself surfing the internet, playing online games or even looking for other jobs at work instead of doing your work, understand that it is time for you to take a break from your job.

Either your job is getting too boring or you are feeling underappreciated at work, you feel like there is no motivation to work. So you must look for other alternatives or take a break to come back and see if you can still work it out.

5. You are cancelling personal plans

Although your job is a very important part of your life, you must always know the importance of personal relationships. Maintaining healthy personal relations is more important than a job for a good mental health.

You might find that you are so caught up in your work that you find yourself cancelling personal plans. Chances are your work life is leaving you so drained that you don’t have the time and energy for other plans. You should take a break from your job and focus on your personal life: eat healthy food, travel, invest time in your hobbies and do activities that you truly enjoy.





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