How to make this 2019’s resolutions stick

New Year’s resolutions are goals that we would like to accomplish in the New Year. We would like to leave behind the mistakes and regrets of the past year to start a new better life. Most likely our New Year’s resolutions are things that we should have already done, but have made every excuse to procrastinate. At the beginning of the New Year, we have an excuse to start again.

Losing weight, not skipping exercise, not eating junk, learning a guitar, improving drawing skills, learning a new language, completing that book, spending time with friends and families, not entertaining toxic people, not falling sick, drinking more water, increasing one’s income and sleeping 8 hours a day are some of the most common resolutions. However, what’s more common is that these resolutions never really stick.

This year, like every year, we would like to stick to our resolutions till the next year. This year though, unlike every other year, we will actually stick to our resolutions by learning how to stick to the resolutions well.

Make realistic resolutions

‘I will play like John Mayer’ is not a resolution you can keep. ‘I will learn all the basic chords of guitar and practice at least 10 minutes a day’ is a resolution you can keep. Always keep in mind that the bigger your resolution, the higher the chances of your failure. Always make very realistic resolutions that you can keep instead of making big ones and giving up when you, with little doubt, fail.

Take small steps

Break each resolution that you make into smaller steps that you can execute or carry out within the period of the next year. If you are trying to learn an instrument, give a week to each chord and learn a new song each month.  If you are trying to quit smoking, try switching to something lighter before you attempt to cut it out of your life completely.

Create a plan spanning over the year to reach your goal and stick to them strictly. These smaller steps will not be very difficult to execute and will add up to your bigger goals in the long run. Achievements along the way will keep you going till the end.

Find some support

Keeping your resolutions to yourself helps you to give up sooner than you would like. While it is not advised that you advertise your resolutions to the world on social media, only to be embarrassed when you can’t keep up, it is advised to get some support.

By support, we mean joining a community class or online groups that will help you through the journey and hold you accountable for your goals. You will find both reason and motivation to continue your resolutions throughout the year in your close group of friends in the community you join.

Don’t stress about it

There are times when you might have to take a break from doing the activities that you resolute to at the beginning of the year. You might have a busy schedule some week, might fall sick or have other important events going on. When you are on a break from your activities, make sure you do not beat yourself over it.  

Take the break and when the time is right, start again. There is no reason for you to quit it just because you skipped a few weeks. What you have already learned will not be unlearned and it is no reason for you to quit.

Share your growth

Try to share your experience and your growth with close friends and family. They will allow you to feel appreciated for your efforts and let you know about the changes that they notice in you. Sharing your struggles and achievements with others will motivate you and inspire others.

Keep on updating your close ones with the progress that you are making throughout the year. Their words will keep you from giving up and stick with the resolution through the entire year.

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