How to Overcome Procrastination

The most difficult challenges that most of the people face in their day-to-day life is procrastination. People have been struggling with it from the beginning if their existence. The act of postponing a task and engaging in something else is called procrastination.

Procrastination makes us struggle with self-control. It makes us delay performing our tasks and takes our goals further away. It is a trap that many of us fall into. Laziness is often mistaken as procrastination. Laziness is doing nothing at all but whereas procrastination is the replacement of important task with the less important ones.

how to overcome procrastination

According to Behavioral psychology research, time consistency is the main reason for procrastination among humans. The term time consistency refers to the leaning of human brain towards the immediate rewards rather than the future rewards.

Sometimes we have certain moments when we feel motivated and we tackle procrastination. But it only lasts for a short period. Here are few ways from which you can tackle procrastination on the long term.

Realize that you’re procrastinating

There might be a ton of work left to do but you have still not realized the amount of work left to do. You might have been staying on bed not doing any work and saying tomorrow one more time. This cycle might go on and on for a long period of time. Hence, the first thing you must do is to realize that you are procrastinating. You must realize that you are not doing the stuffs you should be to overcome procrastination


Find out the reason for your procrastination

There might be various reasons for delaying the required tasks that you should be doing. You might be procrastinating if you have not realized the amount of work you have to do that day or in other words you have not made a proper to do list. You might also be procrastinating if you don’t have the right mood to start the task. In addition, you might be waiting for the “right time” to do the work. Hence, firstly find out the key reason for your procrastination.


Write down your goals and set deadlines

We should clearly write down our goals and the work needed to put for us to achieve the goals. We should break down the work into small tasks. Keeping small rewards for each small tasks completed for us to get motivated throughout. We can also keep deadlines to the tasks so we complete the tasks in certain time frame. Keeping a bullet journal or a schedule with the timings and dates will help us to get the overview of the work.

how to overcome procrastination


Realize how great you’ll feel when you get it done

One of the main ways of motivating your present self to do the work now is to visualize your future self. We tend to avoid the tasks we need to do now, as we don’t think about our future self. You should visualize how you will feel or what emotions you’ll go through when you complete your responsibilities. We can motivate ourselves for a longer period of time if we think of long term.

how to overcome procrastination


Publicizing our goals

When we are clear about what our goals are we should consider telling them to people around us. This way other people will also know about our goals. Research shows that our brain is very responsive to our social standing. We are most likely to do our work if we get respected from people. In addition you can also enlist a list of people or team who will be accountable if you do not do the work or you get distracted. They can be responsible for reminding you of how you’ll feel when you complete the task and give you the small push you need.

how to overcome procrastination

Encounter the consequence of inaction

Fear is another factor, which makes us do our duties. Most of the procrastinators do the work close to deadline and in last minute due to fear of the consequences of not doing the task. We must be exposed to the effects of not completing the task. If we have proper knowledge of its consequences we are more likely to do the task. List out how you’ll feel after a year if you do not do certain tasks right now. Honesty with yourself will not cost you anything but will make you do the work that needs to be done.

overcome procrastination

Identify the first step and tie a reward with it

Taking the first step is the hardest thing. We procrastinate mostly due to the fear of the first step. For example, we avoid going to classes, which we want to take due to fear of encounter of new place and new people. Hence we must identify the first step that should be taken and tie a small reward with it. Also, make the task more achievable so that you are not discouraged in the first stage. This will make us look forward to doing the task and encourage us to take our first step.

overcome procrastination

Realize distractions and remove them

We would rather spend the day scrolling through social media or watching YouTube videos than doing the homework that’s pending. For us to be successful in completing the task, we must avoid the distractions that make us procrastinate. If we like to spend hours surfing the net, we must make a timeout for using our phone. If there are friends who always forcefully take you out which leads to you not doing the task that needs to be done, then you must confront them and set your priorities straight.

how to overcome procrastination

Review and reward

Time by time, don’t forget to review what you have achieved till date. Always appreciate the hard work you have put and applaud yourself for completing them. Adding on, don’t forget to keep rewarding yourself. The reward maybe very small or big, there must be a certain reward system to keep you going.

how to overcome procrastination

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