How to Save Your Relationship from Breakup?

Your heart skipped a beat, when you saw your man for the first time. He was most incredible person in the whole world, and you dreamt of being with him for the rest of your life.

But now something has changed, and it feels different.

You suddenly start to feel that slowly you are losing him, and your world is turning upside down.

All you want to know at the moment is what is actually going wrong, and how can you save your relationship before it’s too late?

Here are 10 key ways that you can take to avoid fights ultimately leading to breakup in your relationship.

Take a Pause

Being a human, we are usually so overwhelmed by our pride that even smiling or apologizing to the person we love seems to be the hardest thing to do.

When you are fighting, you say the most toxic things and turn your relationship into the unpleasant thing in the world.

You make it so worst that it is not even worth a second thought or a stop or reset button to make things right again.

The question that comes up here is Do you want to keep the people you love? The people you care about?

If yes, then practice the pause. Stop and think that winning still means losing if you lose the person you love just because you have won the fight.

You don’t have to know how much you love them when you finally lose them, you can know it now too.

Pause before you lose them. Pause right now.

Communicate things

The most important thing in a relationship is communication. Always try to communicate things to your partner.

If you find that it always leads to an argument when you communicate with your partner, then try writing your feelings down.

Read through what you have written. Eliminate problems with no real validity and try to find the sources behind your words.

Don’t Blame Each Other

Instead of blaming the other partner, you need to take responsibility for your part in things not working out.

You need to accept that there are two of you involved and instead of pointing the finger, think about things that you could have done better in the relationship.

One can write down a list of things that they feel they haven’t done and let their partner know their responsibility as well.

Stop throwing mud and start taking responsibility for your own parts.

Never lie

It’s in our nature to lie occasionally. But this is not an excuse to lie to your partner. This is so because a little more trust is taken away every time you are caught in a lie.

A healthy relationship requires trust and you should never lie about things important to the relationship.

You are better off facing the consequences if you have done something wrong instead of being caught in a lie.

Stop Making Accusations

Rather than being defensive, you should approach your partner calmly and let him/her know the problem.

You will end up in an argument if you start accusing. If you find it easier to express your feelings in written, then do so.

Have suggestions for both of you, not just them. And be sure you know the core problem and aren’t just mentioning a symptom.

Stay Positive

The power of negative thinking is strong which is why many people say that optimism can help prevent a breakup.

If you continuously keep thinking everyone will leave you, then they will definitely pick up on that vibe and leave you.

Whereas, feeling like you are in it for the long term will make you more likely to stick by their side, and vice versa.

Be open about the Problems

It is human nature to avoid problems we don’t want to face. Most individuals get stuck in a rut or will keep things bottled up when they should not do so.

If you are in a relationship where there are problems, you might need to have a sit-down with your partner.

Be open about things. Tell them that you love them, you want to be with them, and that you want this to work and you need to have them work with you in order to save the relationship.

No matter what the issue is, many breakups can be avoided by coming with a plan together and following it together.

Maintain healthy Boundaries

There is a difference between healthy, comfortable, functional long-term relationships and abusive relationships that end in breakups.

You need to establish and maintain basic boundaries with your partner like acknowledging one another’s needs, being respectful to one another, and giving each other space.

Figure out what your boundaries are, learn to say “NO”, maintain those boundaries and respect your partner’s boundaries too.

Make a Commitment

A lack of commitment is a common reason why couples decide to break up. If your partner hasn’t said this directly to you, try finding out the reasons and address his/her complains.

There may be some hints that your partner may have given you time and again to draw your attention to the fact that there is no sense of commitment from your side.

Reflect on these arguments and find out if commitment is actually the reason why your partner is walking away.

Keep Your Promises

Differences, habits, personality traits, and other trivial issues can snowball into deal-breakers that lead to a breakup.

If there is something specific that is making your partner want to dump you, a tough decision will have to be made on your side.

You must keep the promises that you made to your partner. And sometimes compromises and sacrifices are the only things that can save a relationship.

At the end of the day, relationships are all about making choices and setting your priorities straight.

All these being said, not all relationships are salvageable – and it is not a failure if you have a breakup.

Don’t let anyone use you or abuse you and know when it’s actually the time to leave and make the break.

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