How To Turn On Any Man

  1. 1 Smell Good

     Humans are biologically wired to be drawn more strongly to people whose natural chemicals, or pheromones trigger reactions in us. a good smell is sexy and attractive. 

  2. 2 Make the first move

  3. 3 Care for your body

    men are attracted to women who exercise and keep their body healthy. Yoga, running, or lifting weights are few exercises to start with. 

  4. 4 Show him you're smart

    Lot of men are sapiosexuals- they're attracted to intelligence. If you ask me, men and women alike are attracted to a girl who has knowledge of a lot of things.

  5. 5 Don't be afraid to eat

    Men love women who aren't conscious of what they eat and order what they want on a date. Feed you tummy, Girl!

  6. 6 Have a sense of humor

    It's fun to be with a girl who gets your jokes and makes some herself. 

  7. 7 Play a sport

    Men prefer  a girl who is athletic and strong so they can have more in common with her.

  8. 8 Flip your hair

    Nothing shows CONFIDENCE better than letting those locks free

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