Don’t read this if you are a Feminazi

Artist Luis Quiles Dazzles and Disgusts Us With Provocative Illustrations of Modern Society.

We have come a long way, people. Or have we? In her nothing-short-of provocative illustrations, Artist Luis Quiles uncovers and critiques the plagues of modern society. A die-hard feminist, Quiles exposes the roots of the patriarchy in an attempt to dismantle the biases that have become deeply ingrained in global culture. While dealing with grave subject matter, Quiles’ illustrations remain vibrant and in many instances, comical. This represents the hope which abides in counter-culture, and the fire in the hearts of many which burns for a peaceful and free earth. Prepare yourself and take a look!

And it’s also a great workout for your brain…

Too bad there aren’t any mirrors inside your head for Ms. Prefronta Alcortex to check out her new beach bod!

Gotta love a guy with a giant…

Bank balance.

Pop the pain away

It’s cheaper on the street than at the Doc’s. Can’t afford the one you need? Then take anything (or everything) you can get.

21st Century Yoga.

“150 likes and I’ll do it with no hands!”

Welcome to the global economy.

“How may I help you today?”

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Nope, it’s Trump squeezed inside a tube shaped like a Fascist Nazi…

I think he likes me… I think he likes me…

He… duck emoji—rainbows me???

But make sure to use proper contraception…

Nobody wants to see another stuck up little goody-two-shoes running around.

Pussy Power

At its finest.

If Jesus is the son of God, then where is the daughter?

She’s probably working in some corporation getting paid less to do more work than her male counterpart. Go figures.

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