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India Is Educated But Lacks Creativity Big Time: Says Apple Co-Founder

If you already hold an engineering degree or completed your MBA and are proud of your achievements, then it is time to think whether or not you really should be happy about it. It is because just holding a degree is not enough, and does not depict how creative you are. Creativity is no longer a privilege but a necessity if you wish to thrive in your career.

The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that the Indian education system is not creative enough to build people better. In an interview, he mentions that indeed the people work hard and sincerely. Nevertheless, they lack creativity big time. Wozniak, also called Woz, is an admirer of Steve Jobs creativity. And thus, feels that the Indian education is not efficient enough and does not have a proper structure.


The education system needs reform since it does not bring out the best in people or encourage them to be creative. According to Woz, the Indian is divided into lower and upper while both focus on getting a degree and holding a decent job. This is fine, good enough, but Wozniak questions: Where is the creativity? The behaviour of people is more or less predictable with almost no newness in what they do.

The lack of ingenuity is also explained by the fact that majority of the population is just satisfied with comfortable endeavours. Not surprisingly, the Indian community even feels the need for drastic reforms in the educational system. Moreover, the concerns of lack of creativeness also explain the higher unemployment in India.


The Indian economy is considered to be one of the thriving economies, in that scenario, becoming literate will not get an individual or the economy to the peak it aims to achieve. It is the time that reforms are seen in the educational system making sure it does not kill the creativity of younger generations and actions are also necessary at a personal level ensuring one becomes a drive for creativity; learning necessary skills.



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