You Won’t Believe The Intelligence Of These Animals

It is apparent that it is not just the human beings that are intelligent. Many studies have shown that mammals other than the primates also possess cognitive skills classifying them to have intelligence.

Here are 10 such intelligent animals and the proof of their intelligence.

1. Racoons

Racoons are more than their “littering” nature. These animals are intelligent enough to recall solutions to their problems.

They can recall symbols for up to three years of learning and also score high in the mammal IQ test.


2. African Grey Parrots

These parrots have better skills than just recalling what they are taught. They have the skills of deduction and elimination which was once believed to be qualities possessed by humans and primates.

In a study, these parrots were able to determine the number of corners in any shape and also recognizing materials such as cloth, paper and plastic. Smart enough?


3. Dogs

The man’s best friend also makes it to the list for their fast learning ability and emotional intelligence. The level of intelligence varies depending on their breed.

Amongst the dogs breed, Border Collie is considered to be the smartest with their sheep herding skills and ability to find out routes to their destination.


4. Pigs

You might not believe that pigs have similar cognitive skills to that of dolphins and thus are intelligent animals. They know tricks to ‘hog’ other pigs so that they get a higher share of the food. These farm animals are trainable and their memory lasts up to three years.

They hold the ability to adapt to the situation in case of survival mode. Moreover, once trained, they are able to easily score in mini football which is a tough activity for a 4-year-old human child.

Pigs also have a good sense of direction and are intelligent enough to learn to play and determine if anything is real or just mirror reflection.


5. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are the smartest primates and animal of all. These native animals from Africa can also outwit human beings regarding their short-term memory capacity. In a study done in 2013, chimpanzees have out beat humans in the same regard.

Their cognition enables them to observe and comprehend situation to get a reliable solution such as using stones and stick as tools to search for food.


6. Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins are one smart mammal with the largest brain size in comparison to other animals of the same size.

They are fast learners and clever. They intentionally make bubble rings underwater for their amusement.

They also have self-awareness as they have the ability to recognize themselves in a mirror. These mammals found in temperate and tropical waters around the world are able to avoid injuries using the sponges.


7. Crows

Crows have reasoning abilities rivalling to that of a seven years old kid. These are the only non-primate animals that use tools to for example get their food.

They are intelligent enough to recognize and distinguish humans through the facial features. They also have a powerful memory.

Crows even have crow court where they will circle and punish a crow that has committed a crime such as stealing food from the younger ones.


8. Elephants

The largest animals on earth have a very long memory span. They are very empathetic towards one another. Elephants are smart and sensible enough to use physical contact and vocal sounds to comfort other elephants understanding their grief.

Elephants are so intelligent that they can recognize 12 different tones of music and can create their own melody.

These animals also understand the tragedy of death and mourn the loss of other members of the species.

Interestingly, elephants are able to comprehend human language and mimic human voices too!


9. Rats

Rats have no problem adapting to changing situations and they have a quite good memory such that they never forget a navigational route.

The rats are also considered intelligent as they perceive social intelligence as well. In experiments, it is seen that when presented with food, rats share it with other caged ones before having it themselves.

Rats can communicate through touch, smell and frequencies that we are unable to hear. Moreover, rats also recognize their name and respond to it.


10. Octopuses

Octopuses have the largest brain amongst the invertebrates. A normal has 130 million neurons in the brain as compared to 100 million neurons in human brain.

Each arm functions with the mind of its own. They are able to open jars even if they are inside it.

They are smart to hide behind rocks but smarter as they hide inside the shell of a coconut.


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