The Internet Debate Of 2018: Yanny or Laurel?

We witnessed internet going crazy over debates regarding whether or not a dress is the combination of blue/ black or white/ golden which was shortly followed by whether the shoes were grey/ aquamarine blue or pink/ white.

It would be strange if there have been any household with access to social media and internet and did not come across these internet discussions.


And now in 2018, there is a similar debate breaking the internet on what you hear. Is it Laurel? Or is it Yanny?

Different people have different views on what they hear. Some are confident they hear Laurel while others guarantee that they hear Yanny.

What is the truth?

The speaker is actually saying, Laurel. The meaning of the word is a wreath worn on the head as a symbol of victory in general.

The backstory heads back to Georgia where a high school student was learning vocabulary and wanted to know the meaning of Laurel.


The student went to “vocabulary.com” and listened to the sites audio recording for proper pronunciation of the word.

In the process, when he asked his friends to hear the word in class, there were varied opinions on what they heard. And thus, the internet debate for 2018 was born and is trending at present.

The reason we hear different sounds in the same recording is leveraged to the frequency of sound one’s ear adapts to.

Some people attend to higher pitch while others attend to lower pitch. When the frequency is adjusted, the same person can also hear different sounds from the same recording.

Adjusting the pitch for the “Laurel and Yanny “recording, the higher pitch made people hear Laurel while decreasing the pitch made people hear Yanny.


Another reason for this could be the age which changes our hearing abilities. The very reason for young people hearing one thing while older people hearing something else on same audio. And for some people, it is simply black magic causing the discrepancy.

And you can even test what you hear in the New York Times website. Click Here to go to the link. You get to decide what you hear.

It is yet to see the length of time this debate will extend and divide the internet once again which began last Tuesday.

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