Is the world’s press freedom being violated?

The year of 2018 officially saw the deaths of 63 journalists worldwide. Threat of life on professional journalists increased by a shocking 15% than last year. The global press freedom has been challenged time and again.

Hatred and fear regarding the declaration of corrupted truths about the politicians or organized crime units that have led to multiple brutal killings of workers of the press. In an attempt to conceal their illegal deeds from public declaration, these parties are taking actions that cost human lives without a second thought.

A list published by the group, Reporters without borders, stated that among the five deadliest countries for journalists worldwide, America has secured a position for the first time in history.

Afghanistan and Syria, where journalists are in threat due to political instability and war, were joined by India and Mexico on the list. There is a presence of angry mobs in India and that of criminal mafia groups in Mexico, which have led to such encounters in these nations.

.When the number of journalists killed is added to media workers and people classified as citizen journalists killed in attacks, 80 media workers were lost globally within the last 12 months. While the deaths of journalists in Syria and Afghanistan were mostly blamed on the fire line, those in other nations were listed as unresolved murders.

Despite not being in any war or conflict, America saw the shooting and death of five Gazette employees this year in June, securing it a place on the list. Istanbul’s dissident working for the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi, was killed in Istanbul, presumably for his anti-policy views on Saudi Arabia. Viktoria Marinova was raped and murdered in Bulgaria for covering a report showing the misuse of EU funds by big business houses.

A mass protest was initiated in February 2018 over 20 cities of Slovakia, when a journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée were shot to death. They were investigating a link of tax fraud between high-profile businessmen and Slovak politicians. The protests led to the resignation of Slovakia’s infamous Prime Minister Fico and his parliament.


There are growing threats of violence, including disappearance, murder, shooting and detention of journalists all over the world. These violations are linked to politicians, businessmen and religious leaders who do not want their illegal activities exposed.

The last year also saw an increase in mass protests and attention towards the issue. People are of the view that the government or powerful parties of the nations are violating the entire countries’ right to know by interfering with press freedom.

Despite such efforts by the public against attacks on press freedom, journalists’ lives and freedom to report are constantly violated. These threats show no signs of slowing down and the job of a journalist has much more than just the reporter’s names on the line now.

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