It’s Been 10 Years Since Heath Ledger Died And We Are Here To Tell You About His Mysterious Death

On 22nd January 2008, at 2:45 pm, Heath Ledger was discovered lying naked and unconscious in his Manhattan apartment by his housekeeper & masseuse Diana Walozin. At 3:36 pm Ledger was pronounced dead by the paramedics who arrived at the scene.

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The unexpected and untimely death of ledger quickly turned into suspicions of suicide and murder. At only 28 years of age, physically fit and at the peak of his career a suicide seemed most unlikely. He was a father to a baby girl and was halfway filming a part he enjoyed.

The autopsy concluded that Ledger’s death occurred due to consumption of a cocktail of prescription painkillers that his doctors had not prescribed to him.

Who gave him the drugs and why did he take such a dangerous dose?

His fans and conspiracy theorists began speculation that he was a sacrificial victim of a cult or Hollywood conspiracy. However, the media began suspecting the masseuse Diana Walozin because she had made two calls to Mary-Kate Olsen prior to calling 911 when she first discovered the unconscious body. The press immediately suspected that it was Olsen who had provided Ledger with the lethal collection of drugs. When the DEA (Drugs Enforcement association) investigated Ledger’s death, Olsen refused to be investigated by the FBI. Her attorney denied any allegations put at Olsen because she was at California at the time. The attorney also claimed that Olsen had no knowledge of how Ledger acquired the drugs.

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In response to her refusal to provide evidence, the DEA issued a subpoena to Mary-Kate Olsen. She was required to testify in front of a grand jury but the case was closed thereafter and the subpoena was nullified.

It is still not sure why the masseuse called Olsen instead of the paramedics first but it seems like Ledger and Olsen were dating months before the actor’s death.

The final report by the New York Chief Medical examiner’s Office announced that Ledger’s death was an accident due to overdose of prescription medication. The drugs he chose were prescription medicines for insomnia, which he was suffering from since his separation with his fiancée, Michelle Williams.

Even after a decade, Ledger’s death is yet to be properly investigated but no one knows when the case will be reopened.

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