Jack Ma Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Everybody knows Jack Ma as a Chinese business tycoon. He has made billions with his successful company Alibaba Group. He is one of China’s and Asia’s richest man with a net worth of US$47.8 billion. He is considered a global icon in business and entrepreneurship. He is also one of the world’s most influential businessmen and philanthropists. But we all know everyone has a hidden desire they wish to fulfill someday, and now we see what Jack Ma’s secret desire is.

The business mogul has now entered the acting industry. He stars in a star-studded, Jet Li produced, Kung fu short film Gong Shou Dao. GSD is the story of Jack Ma as a Taiji Master where he shows off his martial arts skills and fights all the martial arts heavyweights like Donnie Yen, Wu Jing, Tony Jaa, Jacky Heung, Asashoryu Akinori, Zou Shiming, Natasha Liu, and Jet Li.

Here are some of the photos of the martial arts heavyweights and Jack Ma in the short film.








You can watch the short film below.


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