Kabir Singh: It’s not a movie, it’s a journey

It is a love story filled with passion and intense romance along with the mandatory obligations from the girl's family which gives complications and climax to the story

Kabir Singh is the remake of the Talegu movie ‘Arjun Reddy.’ It is the story of a small tempered house surgeon whose lovestory comes to an end after the girl’s parents force her to marry someone else. He can’t stand this heartbreak and consumes his misery with booze, smoke and drugs. He slowly starts losing his sanity and he turns into someone who isn’t him and gradually starts losing his identity.

The movie stars Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani in lead roles and it is directed by Sandeep Vanga. The story is said to be the real life depiction of Vanga’s own love story and the both of them have done a fantastic job portraying the emotions of the characters.  Although Kabir Singh has received many positive reviews and responses from the critics and audiences, some have accused the movie of glorifying the sexist and misogynist attitude of the protagonist.

As someone who has watched the movie, I did not find the movie highlighting misogyny. It was just subtle remarks to add some spice and humor in the story line. Feminism has taken this simple matter of representing the actual reality of Indian society to next level and relentlessly backlashing on it.

It is a love story with passion and intense romance with mandatory obligations from the girl’s family. The story can give us a roller coaster ride of emotions from the heartbreaks to sacrifices to ultimate happiness revolving amongst the wonderful actors. As a girl, I felt like ‘ Every Kabir needs a Preeti.’

The love Kabir had for Preeti, from the very first sight was unconditional. He captured his role as a guy who would always have a nice rock bottom support for you without any questions asked and we fell in love again with this charming man.

Shahid gave an exemplary performance and it was clear how much he committed he was for this movie. He gave a perfect example of a method actor.

However, no other remarks would have mattered to him other than that from his beloved wife who seemed very proud of her husbands achievements.  She posted a picture of her husband with a special message “Aa zamane aazmaale rooth ta nahi, Faaslon se hausla ye toot’ta nahi. So proud of your baby. It’s your time to shine.”

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