Katy Perry Kissed A Boy, But The Boy Didn’t Like It

People imagine their first kiss to be as magical as they show it in movies. It indeed is a special moment and people want it to be one of the days they’d remember and share the story even to their grandchildren in the future. But what if your first kiss was none other than Katy Perry.

In the reboot of “American Idol,” one of the contestants by the name Benjamin Glaze came in to show the panel of judges including Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry his singing abilities. Instead, he got his first smooch from Katy.

As 19-year-old Benjamin entered the auditioning room, he introduced himself. And when Katy asked what he does he answered that he was a cashier and it was good as he gets to meet many “cute girls” who can’t leave without saying hi. And when Luke Bryan asked if he’d kiss a girl and liked it, he said no as he hasn’t been in a relationship to kiss anyone yet.

That was when Katy called him up and asked him to kiss her. Astonishingly, Benjamin went over and kissed Perry on the cheek with Luke filming the whole thing on his phone. But she asked for another one and this time as he leaned forward, Perry turned her head and gave a smacker to his lips making him fall down in surprise.

But Katy’s kiss was probably not that lucky for Benjamin as his audition didn’t go as well as the kiss because he got rejected by all three of them.

But Did He Like It?

Apparently not. After the video surfaced, Benjamin was interviewed by the New York Times where he revealed that he was a tad bit uncomfortable as he was saving it for his first relationship and wanted it to be special. And he probably would have denied the offer if Katy had asked him “Would you kiss me?” instead of giving him a surprise out of nowhere.

Is It Considered Sexual Harassment?

Benjamin doesn’t feel sexually harassed because of whatever happened with the Teenage Dreams singer. In fact, he is grateful to her for tweeting about him. But the question still remains. Wouldn’t it have been a sexual harassment act if it was a male judge giving a peck to a female contestant?

The footage was used as a promo by the American Idol’s producers but when you reconsider the whole thing it really was an act of harassment. And people on Twitter are not shying away to share their views on the event.

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