Forget Romeo And Juliet, We Have New Love Birds In Town

Since last 15 years, Klepetan has always made it home to Malena, thus, proving the power of true love.

Love is a magical thing. We’ve all grown up hearing the beautiful and sometimes tragic love stories of people.

Ever since we were little, we’ve heard of lovers like Romeo and Juliet, Orpheus and Eurydice, Mumtaz and Shah Jahan etc. They are such immortal love figures who have survived the edge of time.

But I’m not here to talk about what you’ve heard a million times, i.e. the beauty and tragedy of these human couples.

Rather, let’s forget about them for a while and talk about a love story so unique yet enchanting.

The Story of Klepetan and Malena.

This is the story of Klepetan and Malena, a stroke couple who’s been together for 15 long years.

Every year Klepetan makes a journey of 14,500 km just to return to his mate.

Malena, however, has had to stay put on land, ever since a hunter broke her wings, back in 2002.

But it’s not much of a big deal for the female stroke as she has found a perfect place where she can reside.

Ever since the incident, Malena has been living with Stjepan Vokic, a former school janitor from the village of Brodski Varos, Croatia.

The man decked out his home to accommodate the injured bird so she could have a home and wait for her beloved partner to return.

Klepetan joins his beau every spring around March 24 making a long and exhausting journey all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.

Every winter, white strokes dwell in Africa and fly off to Europe to mate with the females. And most often they mate with the same partner.

The same thing happens in the case of Klepetan and Malena.

Every year, in order to welcome Klepetan from his long and tiring trip, Vokic keeps a bucket of fish so he could recover and be with his beloved Malena.

Their amazing faithfulness over the years has led to more than 62 offsprings.

Klepetan always finds time to teach his young ones how to fly, before his return to the dark continent for the winter.

Klepetan and Malena’s love story has become so popular in Croatia that every year the Croatian media takes a trip to the tiny village just to see and report if Klepetan has made it back to his loved one.

Klepetan is always in danger as he has to travel a really long way. Making his way from South Africa to Somalia, Sinai, and the deserts in Iraq, all the way to Croatia. And this makes everyone nervous to witness whether he made his return or something terrible happened on the way.

However, since last 15 years, Klepetan has always made it home to Malena, thus, proving the power of true love.

Their love is so inspiring that the Croatian Tourism Board even created a soul-stirring animated clip about their love story with the title “True Love Returns In The Spring”.

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