List of Movies That Kept Your Attention Till The End

Some movies are so interesting that when you watch them, you are afraid of missing even a single shot, and try to be extremely attentive to find the hints or clues to what’s going on even before the characters do.

Not every movie can keep the attention of the audience till the end. It requires special effects and lots of hard work to do so.

When the sound of music switches from feel good musical to escaping from evil suspense, the audience gets nervous and excitement at the same time thinking what’s next now.

But not all movies are able to shift tone or genre as easily as they might lose their audience attention as well as any understanding of the film’s story.

Here are few movies that kept audience attention till end.


The movie keep its audience attention as how it starts as a romantic drama about a man searching for a new love quickly and later becomes a gruesome horror movie as the awful truth about his new lover come to light.

The transition from sweet love story to dismemberment, eyeball puncturing and vomit eating is nothing less than a shock.

Funny People

The first part of this film is a dark but humorous look at a man who believes he’s dying of cancer.

But the movie becomes a romantic drama when George finds out his treatment worked and the danger of death is gone.

It switches from comedy to drama, remaining dark throughout with sudden changes in tone keeping the audience attention till end.


Released in 2013, in this movie Simon takes a blow to the head and wakes up in hospital with amnesia.

Later he gets kidnapped by the criminals but they fail to get an answer and hire a hypnotherapist who can extract anything from his memory.

This is an intriguing film where the events unfold so swiftly that it blows the mind of audience keeping their attention till the end.

The Life of David Gale

In this movie, Bitsey Bloom interviews David Gale who has been convicted for the murder of activist Constance Harraway.

The more Bitsey communicates with the professor, the better she understands that his life is in her hands.

This is a dramatic film whose ending is impossible to predict keeping the attention of the audience till the end.


Mr. Dover in the movie faces the most horrible nightmare any parent can ever experience i.e. his 6 old daughter and her friend disappear.

Later, the distraught father decides to take the case into his own hands since the police is unable to do so.

The movie is an action-packed detective thriller that will grab all of your attention.

Ingrid Goes West

It is a twisted and dark comedy movie but is set in a world that’s almost sunny, glossy, nourishing and superlative loving universe of Instagram celebrity.

The movie shows that behind every Instagram image and meltdown is a real person with real insecurities, real feelings and real problems.

Keeping the audience attention intact, the movie recognizes that living a life performed in public can be its own kind of self-deluding prison.


It is a full-on apocalyptic fiction intended to draw back the veil on reality and show us what’s really beneath.

This movie is a full package of fury, ecstasy, madness, catharsis and more than a little awe.

The movie keeps the attention of audience intact as it gets wild with flurry of arguments and discussions unpacking it.

Shutter Island

Released in 2010, the movie is ominous and doomy. You see the twists coming on your way till the end.

The movie is about the story of two U.S marshals who are summoned to a remote and barren island off the coast to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a murderess.

It is a third act twist movie that keep the attention of the folks grabbed till the end.


It is an intense, complex story that combines science fiction, espionage, con games and action movie elements with gun battles and excellent special effects.

The movie leaves you tortured, tormented, tantalised and ticklish with its mindplay. And if you think you can actually unravel this mind-blogger in one go, you are asking for the moon.

With its amazing delivery of story and dialog the movie keeps the attention of viewers intact.

Gone Girl

It is a thriller and an issue audience picture. It shifts emphasis and perspective so many times that one feels he/she is watching five short movies strung together,

The movie seems to tell the story of a man who might or might not have killed somebody, and is so closed off that even people who believe in his innocence can’t help wondering.

Overall, the movie is thrilling and the audience cannot afford to take their eyes off during the movie.


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